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Valkyrae’s Skincare Brand RFLCT Terminated Less Than Two Weeks After Its Reveal

Valkyrae’s Skincare Brand RFLCT Terminated Less Than Two Weeks After Its Reveal

After doubts about the skincare's effectiveness against blue light, the company has shut its doors

Valkyrae, not long ago, was excited to reveal her part in a new company. The YouTube streamer is one of the biggest in the world, and as streamers grow they often build businesses with their brand. Valkyrae of course has her part in esports organisation 100 Thieves but spent two years behind the scenes working on her own business venture in skincare. 

RFLCT was on October 19. Valkyrae proudly announced her part as one of the co-founders of the brand which aimed to protect the skin of people using screens. The claim was that the product’s formulation would help protect against blue-light specifically, which has been a rising healthcare topic in the eyecare world. But as people pointed out - does blue light really harm the skin at all?

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In the days following this reveal, skincare professionals publicly doubted that the line actually did anything against screens, claiming that blue light from computers or phones isn’t harmful. Valkyrae then came forward and explained her side of what happened for her to promote this line, and how the research she saw on the matter proved the skincare line’s benefits, but is privately documented. She thought the information she received would be publicly available at launch - this was not the case. 

Now RFLCT has been officially terminated. Valkyrae was unhappy with the situation, knowing people couldn’t buy the product genuinely informed of its benefits, and a large chunk of her audience wouldn’t buy the product with its controversy. It seems that the issues were too large to surmount and now, RFLCT is simply gone.

The website that originally contained the products and promotional materials now has a dark screen with some white text. It reads: “RFLCT is no longer available. Thank you to all who played important roles to conduct research, develop products, create a brand and serve as partners along our journey. While we believe in the formulations created, after further reflection, have decided to move forward on new paths, effectively terminating the RFLCT brand. Should you have further questions, please contact [email protected]”. It's not clear what will happen to the stock or preorders of the line.

Featured Image Credit: Valkyrae / RFLCT

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