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Twitch Streamer's House Burns Down In The Middle Of Broadcast

Twitch Streamer's House Burns Down In The Middle Of Broadcast

Absolutely heartbreaking

Twitch streamer GimpyG was recently forced to leave his home in the middle of a broadcast as it had started to burn down. He later confirmed to concerned fans and followers that his place had been nearly completely destroyed by the fire. 

GimpyG was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy called Werdnig-Hoffman's variant, but recent developments in accessibility have allowed him to start playing more games himself rather than simply watch. 

“Even though I have never been able to move, I have degrees in mathematics and educational psychology,” he writes on his Twitch channel. “But even more important, I have always loved PC and console gaming. The interesting thing is technology has only recently allowed me to play rather than watch others.”

GimpyG’s amiable streams have earned him a small but dedicated following on Twitch, where he uses a computer-controlled Quadstick FPS and a HeadMouse to play many of the latest games he’s interested in sharing with the community. 

Tragically, GimpyG was streaming Diablo 2: Resurrected with friends last week when he was told his house had started to burn down and that he needed to leave immediately. 

“Wait, we’re calling 911?” he said. “Oh no. I just got a pit in my stomach. Our garage is on fire! What happens? Do I need to go?”

GimpyG has since confirmed on Twitter that he’s safe, and his pets also managed to get okay. Unfortunately, his house and belongings, as well as most of what he used to stream, were taken by the fire. 

“I am okay, but my house burnt down,” he said. “We are safe, but everything is destroyed.”

All told, GimpyG lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment and much of what he needs simply to exist and get around day-to-day. The streamer has a GoFundMe page set up here, where you can go and donate what you can to try and help him bounce back from this awful tragedy. 

Featured Image Credit: GimpyG via Twitch/Twitter

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