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Twitch Streamer ‘Squid Game’ Is Losing Work And Receiving Hate Online

Twitch Streamer ‘Squid Game’ Is Losing Work And Receiving Hate Online

This has to stop

Lydia Ellery is a popular content creator and streamer who has gone by the name ‘SquidGaming’, or ‘Squid Game’, for years. Unfortunately, the recent hit Netflix show of the same name has started to cause her all kinds of problems she could never have predicted. 

In a piece written exclusively for GAMINGbible last month, Ellery explained how ‘Squid’ was her nickname at school. She revealed that she made her very first YouTube video, almost a decade ago, under the name Squid Game. Her Twitter handle? You guessed it - it’s SquidGame. 

Ellery was frank about the negative impact Netflix’s Squid Game has had on her life. She ended up banned from Instagram because of her handle, and started receiving mountains of abuse from fans of the series. 

“I also have to use social media for my job, and now it's impossible to find messages that are genuinely meant for me on my Instagram as they got lost in messages from the show's fans,” she wrote. “I've also received abuse on Twitter from people assuming that I've only just made the account to try to get attention.

“I know they say ‘any publicity is good publicity’, so I'm definitely looking on the bright side of this situation. But I can't deny that this has been a weird and frustrating experience.”

Ellery wrote about her experience for GAMINGbible nearly one month ago, and it looks like very little has changed in that time. In a recent update on Twitter, the streamer explained that the abuse hasn’t let up, and that she’s actually starting to lose out on potential work - all because of her social media handle. 

“Looks like I might have to change my handle after all,” she wrote. “I’ve lost two amazing presenting opportunities because people don’t want to hire me with my ‘squid game’ handle.”

Unfortunately, Ellery still has absolutely no idea who she should even talk to about getting this issue resolved - assuming it even can be resolved. At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to respond, reach out, or offer any kind of solution. That’s not to say this is the streaming giant’s fault in any way, of course, but you’d hope it would take at least a degree of responsibility and attempt to help. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/SquidGame via Twitter

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