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The Witcher 4 will launch before The Witcher remake, CDPR confirms

The Witcher 4 will launch before The Witcher remake, CDPR confirms

Patience is a virtue.

They say that patience is a virtue. With the news that The Witcher remake will be released after The Witcher 4, these fans will perhaps become the most meritorious of us all.

Of course, persnickety comrades will point out that the next Witcher game is not to be titled The Witcher 4, but it's just a lot easier for journalists and news writers. And you know what we mean so simmer down. Additionally, CD Projekt Red stated that it would not be sharing "any specifics in terms or story, characters, mechanics, or plot details," but that it would be a "new saga." That seems to suggest that we won't be following Geralt and we've already got a replacement waiting in the wings.

Check out the gorgeous new-gen updates coming to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this month! Friendly reminder that this is free to everyone who owns the game, irrespective of platform.

The Witcher fandom is also being treated to a remake of the original 2007 game, fully realised in Unreal Engine 5. So, I suppose the eternal question is, which is coming first?

"[The Witcher remake] will come after Polaris, which is a consequence of how we think about this project," said CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński said in the company's latest financial call. Polaris is the codename for The Witcher 4 and Kiciński has previously revealed that we won't get our hands on the game until 2025 at the earliest.

"We think that [the] remake will be based in big part on technologies from Polaris. So, it will be developed partially parallel to Polaris, but once Polaris is launched, everything for Polaris will be then in the final shape and it will be, partially, be produced in [the] remake," continued Kiciński. That's a long time. It does give you an excuse to start The Witcher 3 again though.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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