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'Stranger Things' Joe Quinn Jamming With Metallica Is Wholesome And Incredibly Metal

'Stranger Things' Joe Quinn Jamming With Metallica Is Wholesome And Incredibly Metal

Actor Joseph Quinn met up with Metallica to join them in riffing 'Master of Puppets.'

This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4, Vol. 2.

Stranger Things 4 may have drawn to a close almost a month ago yet we’re still talking about it because it was that good. Volume One of the hit Netflix series racked up a whopping 7.2 billion views between 30 May and 5 June, breaking the Nielsen all-time weekly record.

When it comes to talking about season four, there’s one character who stands out above the rest, Eddie Munson. Portrayed by actor Joseph Quinn, leader of The Hellfire Club Eddie quickly became a fan-favourite with one scene in particular going down in Stranger Things history. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘Master of Puppets’ scene and now, Quinn has proved his skill to Metallica themselves.

Check out the moment Joseph Quinn met up with Metallica below.

To recap, Eddie recreated the epic ‘Master of Puppets’ guitar riff in a bid to distract the Upside Down’s Demobats so that Steve, Robin and Nancy could go after Vecna. Eddie’s plan may have succeeded but not without sacrifice, as our beloved hero went out in a blaze of guitar glory as Demobats swarmed around him.

Fans simply couldn’t get enough of the scene and a few weeks ago, we were treated to a look at Quinn in the rehearsal room but now we have something even better. At this weekend’s Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Quinn met up with Metallica to join them in a very metal jam.

During the meeting, Metallica thanked Quinn for doing the track justice before inviting him to practice the riff alongside them. Quinn claimed to be a little rusty but soon performed the riff to perfection, with Metallica jokingly inviting him to join the band. They then gifted Quinn a signed B.C. Rich guitar, the same model that Quinn used in the show.

Speaking to Netflix’s Tudum, Quinn said, “It was amazing! Opportunities to play ‘Master of Puppets’ with the most iconic metal band of all time don’t come around very often. A story for the grandkids.” Later during Metallica’s set, the band played clips from the iconic Eddie scene as they began to play ‘Master of Puppets.’ In the words of Dustin, most metal ever.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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