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You Can Now Play 'Counter Strike' On A Nintendo DS

You Can Now Play 'Counter Strike' On A Nintendo DS

The fan-made port uses the D-Pad and touchscreen to emulate keyboard and mouse controls, and it's great.

If the Switch has taught us anything, it’s the virtues of a true portable gaming experience. Look, you can compare it to the new-gen consoles all you like - yes, we know that it doesn’t look as good, and yes, it’s not as powerful, but there’s still something so unbelievably cool about being able to whip out Skyrim on a bus. 

Obviously, the Switch was far from Nintendo’s first rodeo when it comes to handhelds - one of the most loved in their lineup is, of course, the DS. It was basically a near perfect piece of tech for its time, and still holds up well today, too. One could argue that the main issue with it, in fact, was its distinct lack of ability to play the original Counter Strike. If that’s something that’s understandably bothered you for all these years, boy do I have a surprise for you.

Here's a little throwback - check out the launch trailer for CS:GO below.

Thanks to one programmer, who goes by the username Fewnity, the DS’s biggest problem is finally solved. In a video released to their YouTube channel, you can watch the game run seemingly flawlessly on the system. All the action takes place on the top screen, and is controlled with the D-Pad, as well as the touchscreen, which emulates the classic keyboard and mouse controls.

Just to make things even more impressive, Fewnity even got the game running successfully cross-platform with the unofficial PS Vita port of the game, as they showed off over on Twitter in June last year. Because why not, right?

The programmer first uploaded a video of the game back in March 2021, so it’s been an ongoing project for some time now. They note in the most recent video description that the port is a work in progress, and there’s still some bugs, but there’s a full download link included, if you want to try it in its alpha state. Apparently, multiplayer is also on the way sometime in the future, so grab your stylus - I’ll see you all on PictoChat. 

Featured Image Credit: Fewnity via YouTube, Valve

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