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Solid Gold PS5 With Crocodile Skin Controller Will Cost You £250,000

Solid Gold PS5 With Crocodile Skin Controller Will Cost You £250,000

Anyone for a whip-round?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Are you looking for a PlayStation 5 that can play all the latest games and also show the world that you are an incredibly important individual with many leather-bound books and an apartment that smells like rich mahogany? I've found the just the thing.

Earlier this year a Russian company called Caviar, which is most well-known for making ridiculously over-the-top "luxury" iPhones and cases, promised it would make and sell a solid-gold PlayStation 5. It has now made good on that promise, but getting one will set you back a few paydays. By which I mean you could work most of your life and still not be able to afford one.

PS5 /

As spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, Caviar's "PlayStation Prime" has been crafted from solid 18K yellow gold and "embellished with subtle patterns for a light and airy feel". The Joysticks on the custom DualSense are covered with genuine leather and decorated with gold inserts. Oh, and the console stand is made from "premium ebony".

This is as extra as it gets, my friends, and that's absolutely reflected in the price. The PlayStation Prime is a whopping $350,000, which is roughly £256,000. For context, that kind of money would get you a pretty decent house in the North and Midlands of England, and a one-bedroom with a communal toilet in London. But hey, if you've got it to spare on a gold console, who am I to stop you? But if you are reading this and have that kind of money, you couldn't lend me a tenner could you?

According to Caviar, there are only five of these custom PlayStation 5 models in existence. I'm not sure how quick you'll have to be if you want one, but I'd imagine there are enough scalpers out there right now who have made enough from the last year to be able to nab a couple of these. Don't let them win.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Fox

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