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FromSoftware Is Reviving A Cherished Series After 'Elden Ring'

FromSoftware Is Reviving A Cherished Series After 'Elden Ring'

This would be a turn up for the books.

Once Elden Ring is out of the door, FromSoftware is focusing its efforts on the revival of the treasured sci-fi mecha series Armored Core, which is music to the ears of fans who have been waiting on a new entry for nearly a decade.

This tidbit comes from user Red Liquorice on ResetEra who claimed they've completed a consumer survey on a new Armored Core title. In the survey, there were screenshots and two short gameplay videos with a unique watermark stamped across them, so they opted not to share those given the possibility that they could get into a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, they did publish the description of the game which includes "a multi-layered world", "wide variety of maps" with a snowy locale in the aforementioned media, "three-dimensional movement", long and short-range combat, and “strong enemies and fierce battles." 

Feast your eyes on the second Elden Ring trailer here, showcasing the sprawling extent of the apocalyptic world and the terrifying denizens that call it home!

Armored Core: Verdict Day didn't knock the socks off of reviewers when it came out nine years ago and that was the result of the uninteresting story and unimpressive visuals. However, what Armored Core might have needed is this period of dormancy while FromSoftware learns and internalises the lessons from its more recent releases so that it might return bigger and better than before. The survey does mention that this Armored Core would be very different to Dark Souls and Elden Ring due to its genre. That's sort of a moot point, but it is exciting to think how different it would be compared to the detailed yet dreadful locations of those games. We'll have to hold our horses until after Elden Ring releases for any more insight on a potential new Armored Core.

Last year, Ewan saw the sights of Elden Ring and he found them to be practically perfect in every way - a gloomy, crushing fusion of Dark Souls and Breath of the Wild. Personally, I'm more of a MySims and Animal Crossing kind of gamer. Each to their own. "Throw in creepy NPCs, towering bosses, the ability to help or invade other players, and a mysterious fantasy world in a state of ruin, and you’ve got a Souls game," he explains here. "Yet Elden Ring makes a number of changes big and small to the established formula that slowly revealed themselves to me over the course of my time with the game and left me with a wonderful feeling: that I’ve only just scratched the surface of something truly remarkable." 

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