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PlayStation 5 has a hidden setting will save you a ton of storage space

PlayStation 5 has a hidden setting will save you a ton of storage space

It's time for a clear out

Despite the PlayStation 5 hurtling towards its 4th birthday, users are still discovering helpful features that will save players a lot of time, and in this case, space.

First released back in November 2022, the PlayStation 5 is well into its lifespan. So much so that the PlayStation 5 Pro is rumoured to be arriving later this year to offer an upgraded version of the original console.

Check out the PlayStation 5 below!

However, the PS5 itself is by no means outdated and despite many users crying out for features such as dynamic themes for example, it’s become apparent that the current-gen Sony console still has a lot to offer.

This includes one such tip that comes courtesy of a post over on r/PS5. The original poster shared a post detailing “PS5 tips, tricks or otherwise not obvious features” which highlighted the HDMI device link, how to clean-up the Explore tab, removing default game icons and how to access game playtime and stats to name a few.

However, underneath these useful facts, one reply included another feature that shouldn’t be slept on, especially if you are struggling with storage space on your PS5.

“By default the PS5 saves video clips when you get trophies. Might want to disable this to save space,” the comment read.

We are all guilty of clipping our epic plays and the PlayStation itself is also keen to do so whenever you earn an achievement. However, these clips are easily forgotten about but take up a lot of storage so it is worth going in there and doing a clean out if you haven’t yet.

On that topic, the clean out should also include the PS5 itself after one player recently opened up their console for the first time since it was purchased. Safe to say, it was not a pretty sight.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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