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Steam gamers warned they've until 15 July before multiple games are gone forever

Steam gamers warned they've until 15 July before multiple games are gone forever

A bunch of games are disappearing from Steam

A bunch of games are soon to be delisted from Steam due to the publisher no longer being able to support them.

You don’t have long to grab these games if you’re interested in playing any of them as from 15 July they will no longer be available to buy via the Steam storefront.

Capcom recently announced a remaster of one of their classic titles, Dead Rising

This news comes as the publisher Adult Swim has put out an announcement regarding the future of the game they have previously published.

As reported on Twitter, the company has said of one of its games, “Adult Swim is no longer able to continue as publisher for this game and the developer is not interested in taking over as publisher at this time. As a result, Zenzizenzic will be shut down on July 15th, 2024.”

This doesn’t just apply to Zenzizenzic as three other games will also be impacted by this decision.

Those games are arcade platormer Super House of Dead Ninjas, Mario-esque Mega Coin Squad, and adventure game, Traverser.

All titles are heavily discounted in the current Steam sale and can be bought for less than a pint in a posh pub, so if you’re into quirky games or digital preservation, get on these before they disappear.

Adult Swim has been rumoured to be letting go of its game catalogue for some time now as the company moves away from games publishing.

This scenario provides a stark look at how games struggle to be preserved for the future. You may wonder, but why would we preserve Mega Coin Squad? But that game has likely had plenty of fans, plus creators worked hard to develop these games that will disappear into a void.

Halting support for any game, no matter how big or small, impacts the work that many creators put in to bring us moments of entertainment, and its sad to see them just vanish.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Adult Swim

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