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Horrifying 'Phasmophobia' Halloween Update Features Frights Al Fresco

Horrifying 'Phasmophobia' Halloween Update Features Frights Al Fresco

There are fairy lights! That's nice. Those will protect us. Right?

Developer Kinetic Games has given us a glimpse at the upcoming update for Phasmophobia to tie in with the spooky season, and it’s sounding positively petrifying. 

If you’re looking for something to play with pals to celebrate Halloween, then we recommend Phasmophobia (along with an extra pair of trousers). The premise is that you and your team of three fellow players are paranormal investigators, arriving at the sites of spectral disturbances with a bevy of specialised equipment. This includes an electromagnetic field reader to find the remnants of ghostly activity, a UV light to discover fingerprints and footprints, and a Spirit Box to talk to the wraith that is trapped within these four walls like an angry hornet in a jam jar. 

Oh, yes, the ghost talks back as it hunts you and the other investigators, and thanks to a spring update, the game is now compatible with haptic gaming suits that will let you feel the ghost reaching out to attack you. 

Check out the trailer for Phasmophobia below!

So, it seems that the studio isn’t done frightening the living daylights out of its players, as it has announced a Campsite map for the upcoming Nightmare update. The teaser shows the dark silhouettes of trees against a deep blue night sky, with a canvas tent in the foreground and a feeble light illuminating the fabric. That being said, there is a chain of warm orange fairy lights near the tent so you’ve got to give the team points for bringing a little hygge to the horror. 

As well as this new location, there will be the Nightmare level of difficulty and an overhaul of the existing difficulty settings, two new ghosts to get to grips with, and a lot more that Kinetic Games is keeping under wraps. However, we won’t have to wait much longer for the reveal, as the patch goes live at 4.00pm BST/11.00am EST/8.00am. Best of luck to the brave souls who go down to the woods today, they’re in for a big surprise. 

Featured Image Credit: Kinetic Games

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