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Lad's Internet Goes Down, So He Builds Entire Pokémon Region From LEGO

Lad's Internet Goes Down, So He Builds Entire Pokémon Region From LEGO

As you do.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

We live in a world where the internet going down can suddenly cut us off from all our usually activities. Online multiplayer games? Gone. Netflix? Kaput. Going on internet message boards to complain to people you've never met about games you've never played? Maybe next week. Porn? Time to test the limits of your imagination.

While the internet going down in a pandemic can be especially disastrous, what we choose to do with our time off the grid defines who we are. Perhaps you read a book or do a jigsaw puzzle. Maybe you break out some old DVDs if you haven't come to completely rely on streaming services. You might even just get stuck in to one of the hundreds of video games that doesn't require an internet connection. It's your choice.

There are some individuals who take their lack of internet as an opportunity to embark on a new project. Reddit user Scoutisaspyable is one such individual. As documented over on Reddit, they've been rebuilding the entirety of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl's Sinnoh region out of LEGO, and it looks fantastic. Take a look for yourself below.

At the time of writing, this mighty creation is still a work-in-progress, but what a work it is. A 1:1 recreation of all of the towns and routes in Sinnoh, it's currently made up of 14,222 pieces and contains most of the locations from the early game. The starting area of Twinleaf Town is there, as is the mysterious Lake Verity and the bustling city of Jubilife.

"Its really fun to make microscale version of buildings, like the ones in Jubilife City," explained Scoutisaspyable. "But the routes in between the bigger locations are rather boring. Just dirt, trees and grass." Even so, I think he's doing a great job and can't wait to see the finished version. Also, I'm now kind of obsessed with the idea of a LEGO Pokémon game. I bet that'd pair well with the rumoured Diamond/Pearl remakes.

Featured Image Credit: Scoutisaspyable​/Reddit/Nintendo

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