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'Need For Speed' 2022 Details And Gameplay Have Leaked Online

'Need For Speed' 2022 Details And Gameplay Have Leaked Online

Gameplay footage from EA's upcoming Need For Speed title has leaked for the first time.

It’s a big day for Electronic Arts - potentially. A brand new rumour swept across the internet this afternoon suggesting that Amazon could announce an imminent buyout of the company and whilst this is yet to officially be confirmed, it’s got people talking nonetheless. Amidst all of that though, details have leaked on EA’s upcoming Need For Speed game.

Take a look at the trailer for new racing game Wreckreation below.

The latest Need For Speed entry was hit by delays last year. EA decided to set the release date back a year so that developer Criterion could instead assist with the development of Battlefield 2042. Judging by how Battlefield 2042 eventually turned out, it still clearly wasn’t enough hands on deck. Anyway, focus has since resumed on Need For Speed and we’ve got our first idea of what the game could look like.

Reddit user TopRamanNoodl3s shared some brief gameplay footage but don’t get too excited because it’s three seconds long. Still, it’s nice to see a glimpse at what’s to come even if it is over in a flash. The clip shows a blue car crashing into some kind of sculpture causing a resulting screen flicker, before a skull and crossbones symbol appears.

The user also confirmed that jumps will be accompanied by ‘eagle wing’ animations which we briefly see in the clip. The game is expected to have no drag racing or drift events but speedcross will return. There’s also expected to be a simplified upgrade system, plus “strong female / cultural representation.” The launch window is now expected to be 2023.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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