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'Marvel's Wolverine' Won't Hold Back On Brutal, Graphic Combat

'Marvel's Wolverine' Won't Hold Back On Brutal, Graphic Combat

"Slashes, gouges, severs, gashes" are all included

We’re already in love with the idea of Insomniac Games' take on Wolverine. The studio has made two fantastic Spider-Man games, as well as the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and in September it was announced that Marvel’s Wolverine was also on the way.

Now Spidey, though he may break a few bones and cause the odd concussion when brawling with bad guys, isn’t known for guts and gore. Wolverine on the other hand has six incredibly sharp blades protruding from his hands, which he uses to tear up his enemies. He’s a graphic character and gore is his middle name, so is Insomniac going to keep such grisly details in its game? From the sounds of it, yes

As spotted by GameRant, Drew Murray, a principal designer at Insomniac Games, posted a job advert to work on Marvel’s Wolverine, and said some interesting things about how that character is going to operate. He wrote: “We're looking for a gameplay engineer at Insomniac Games to focus on our hero, Wolverine. If you're into creating cuts, slashes, gouges, severs, gashes, stabs, *snikts* and everything else that goes with moving and playing as Logan (there's a lot more!), link to apply below!”

Here is the teaser for Marvel’s Wolverine...

Now that sounds like there’s going to be a lot of violence, right? He wouldn’t say, “cuts, slashes, gorgeous, severs, gashes, stabs, *snikts*” without the team aiming to make this game a pretty bloody experience, I’m sure. And that's the way Wolverine should be, according to many fans. 

This new information is in line with what the game's director said months ago about the forthcoming title's tone. We wrote that Brian Horton replied to a fan asking about the game’s contents and if it was the size of a full game or a Mile Morales-sized spin-off. The response was a “full-sized" game with a "mature tone". Guts and gore is considered a mature tone, right? I’m sure of it. 

We don’t have a release date for Marvel’s Wolverine yet but we can’t wait until we see and hear more.

Featured Image Credit: Insomniac Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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