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Logan Paul's $3.5 Million Pokémon Card Purchase Didn't Contain Any Pokémon Cards

Logan Paul's $3.5 Million Pokémon Card Purchase Didn't Contain Any Pokémon Cards

He did a little oopsie

Late last year, Logan Paul provided a much-needed reminder that we desperately need to redistribute the world's wealth when he ordered a box of first-edition Pokémon Card booster packs for an eye-watering $3.5 million.

Not long after this pricey purchase, a number of veteran collectors came forward to warn the YouTuber that the cards he'd ordered may very well be less-than genuine.

Upon hearing this, Paul decided to go online to properly verify his purchase. At which point he discovered that the cards are, indeed, fake.

The YouTuber posted a new video late last night, titled “I lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards". In it, he explains how he came to throw away such a large sum of money on cards that didn't up being anywhere near the investment he'd hoped for. Join me, as we journey together through the saga of Logan Paul's embarrassing f**k up.

In December 2021, Paul - a genuine Nintendo fan and Pokémon card collector - announced he'd treated himself to a “sealed and authenticated” box of first-edition booster packs which would very likely contain a number of ultra-rare cards worth a lot of money.

But it wasn't long before experts began to question the nature of what Paul had just purchased. Those in the know pointed out that the box Paul received didn't look like the boxes from a similar set. That the box first sold for $75,000, far below the auction price, was also cause for alarm.

In search of the truth, Paul took a trip to Chicago to verify his purchase with the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE). While box appeared authentic, the contents quickly revealed the true nature of the scam: it was filled, not with rare Pokémon cards, but collectible G.I. Joe cards.

“I’m a super positive person, bro, and I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side. And I’m trying but this is very hard,” Paul says of the situation.

Featured Image Credit: Logan Paul via YouTube/Nintendo

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