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'Ghost Of Tsushima' Has Sold Over 8 Million Copies Worldwide

'Ghost Of Tsushima' Has Sold Over 8 Million Copies Worldwide

Well deserved!

Sucker Punch Studio's PlayStation-exclusive samurai adventure Ghost Of Tsushima has officially sold over 8 million copies worldwide, making it one of PlayStation's most successful original games.

Released in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Ghost Of Tsushima was an instant hit with fans. Its killer combat, gripping story, and stunning open world were more than enough to distract from its shortcomings: namely repetitive side quests and the usual open-world busywork you'd expect from a AAA game.

Take a look at Ghost Of Tsushima in action below!

Minor issues aside, it's hard to argue against the love people have for Ghost Of Tsushima - a love that's reflected in its well-earned success. As pointed out by VGC, hitting the 8 million mark means the game saw an increase of 1.5 million sales since March 2021. This was no doubt in large part due to the Director's Cut, which launched for PlayStation 5 last summer and provided a range of enhancements and all-new story content.

At 8 million units sold, Ghost Of Tsushima stands behind Horizon Zero Dawn (10m) and God Of War (a whopping 20m). But it's no less impressive a feat, especially for a brand-new IP. Let's hope Sucker Punch is able to do more with the series in the future, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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