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'Minecraft' Diamond Pickaxe Would Cost £5 Billion In Real Life, Say Experts

'Minecraft' Diamond Pickaxe Would Cost £5 Billion In Real Life, Say Experts

A real bobby-dazzler.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

You pick a lock on a chest in a dingy dungeon, you shove the stone lid off of a casket, you pluck a Poké Ball from the grasses, et voila! You've stumbled across riches, upon a rare resource, gained an item that will turn the tides in battle. Yet, you've wondered, how much would these items go for on Bargain Hunt? This study found out, analysing items from the Master Sword to the Pip Boy, and the results are astonishing.

To be transparent, the team didn't actually flog these virtual wares on the show nor request David Dickinson's erudition on the topic. It's the work of expert valuators at H&T Pawnbrokers, the leading pawnbroker in the United Kingdom, and they considered the real-life value of a number of the most iconic items in the history of video games. Beginning with the banana peel from Mario Kart, this will cost you 2p. Then, the cardboard box used by Big Boss, Venom Snake, and Solid Snake for stealth ops in various Metal Gear games is valued at 62p. I know what you're thinking. Hey, big spender. So, let's move on to the big leagues.

H&T Pawnbrokers' list of the most expensive gaming items /
H&T Pawnbrokers

The Pip-Boy (technically termed the RobCo Personal Information Processor Boy) from the Fallout series of games is essentially a heavy-duty smart-watch, able to withstand the harsh conditions of the wasteland and the requirements of its user, holding a huge volume of information from inside and outside of the Vault. Its "ultra modern" graphics also allow it to represent sonar and satellite maps of the surrounding area, and play back sound and video recordings, as well as tune into the remaining radio stations dotted over the badlands.

H&T say that this would cost £14 if it was a real item, which is a massive contrast to prices online. However, a lot of Pip-Boy replicas have been made by cosplayers, and though these devices are only decorative, the price is reflective of the time and artistry that's gone into the product. Next on the list is the Froggy Chair from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This sells for 1,440 Bells in the game, but it's estimated to retail at £34 if you found it in Furniture Village. But, what about the wholesome memes that arose around the chair's rise to fame? We have one word for you: priceless.

There's quite the leap(frog) between Froggy Chair and the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda, which settles into third place in the list of the most expensive items from video games. That'll be £1,800 for the historic sword, which was forged by the mysterious Ancient Sages who act as the link between the Sacred Realm and Hyrule. H&T reckon that it's made of carbon steel, though, which is priced at about £450 per tonne. In the second spot is the Diamond Pickaxe from Minecraft, and be sure you're sitting down when you read the price tag. If you've got a loose £5 billion lying around, then that's just enough for the top-tier tool.

"The pickaxe weighs an estimated 1,167Kg which equates to 4667.48cts, making it the largest diamond ever mined," added the study. Last, but certainly not least, Sonic's Gold Rings are actually worth their weight, running at almost £6 billion for each Ring, with an estimated weight of 116kg. That's a rather chunky ring. Arguably, the Rings are invaluable, seeing that without them, the blue blur's life hangs in the balance. One ill-timed jump and that's it. This logic could also be applied to my glasses prescription, but fortunately, that doesn't dent my bank account in quite the same way.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures, Nintendo

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