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Some Antivirus Software Can Now Mine Cryptocurrency

Some Antivirus Software Can Now Mine Cryptocurrency

Protect your computer, use excessive energy to earn virtual money

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

As I used to work for a company called ICO, I used to see a few cryptocurrency emails drop into my inbox - and honestly, I nuked them all. Not interested, never have been. But people? People are interested, it seems. At least, the news tells me they are. Are you? I guess if you've clicked this, probably.

If you know an initial coin offering from distributed ledger technology, you'll totally understand how antivirus software can now be used to mine cryptocurrency. Right? I mean, I am banking on you getting this stuff, as I've no idea. I'm writing these words on this page, but what do they mean? Nevertheless, as per Kotaku's report, NortonLifeLock will now mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum for customers, and send the money to a cloud-based wallet. Where it can be spent on NFTs. Lol.

Ah, money. Remember when a load of hedge funds saw billions lost due to redditors playing the market? All that noise around GameStop? A golden time, truly...

Over on The Verge, a Norton rep explained what all this mining stuff was about. "As the crypto economy continues to become a more important part of our customers' lives, we want to empower them to mine cryptocurrency with Norton, a brand they trust," said Vincent Pilette, the CEO of NortonLifeLock. Norton customers will get early access to this mining program in the coming days, and the company will look to extend its currency offerings beyond Ethereum - which is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (thanks, Wikipedia).

Kotaku adds that how Norton is going to use its software to mine for Ethereum - apparently notoriously difficult to come by independently - isn't exactly clear. It's also not stated whether or not Norton will take a cut of whatever its customers manage to mine. I'd love to add something here like, well, we'll keep an eye on how this all unfolds, but I won't. Not unless I have to find 400-odd words for a post about something that I totally have no understanding of, or interest in.

But if you do, hey, maybe this is great. Maybe you're over the Moon that antivirus software can do this kind of thing. Maybe you don't care that mining for this stuff uses an excessive amount of energy and is generally regarded as being awful for the environment. You do you. Anyway, Bitcoin, Ethereum, what does it matter when there's Pokémon cryptocurrency?

Featured Image Credit: Executium via Unsplash

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