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Rockstar Games Updates Website With Mysterious New Logo, Fans Lose Their Minds

Rockstar Games Updates Website With Mysterious New Logo, Fans Lose Their Minds

Could it be?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

It looks as if Rockstar Games is up to... something. The developer behind Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V has been busy updating its website with a number of striking new images, sending fans into a frenzy. If this were any other developer, I'm not sure we'd think much of a few new pictures here and there... but Rockstar is such a famously secretive company that any time it does anything, fans start to speculate wildly.

The first image surfaced earlier this week, and depicted some kind of robot cradling the Rockstar "R" with a bucket of champagne. You can see it for yourself below. Nothing too weird about that, really. Most assumed it was just Rockstar updating its website with a natty new piece of art, which is more than likely the case.

Far more interesting was the arrival of another updated logo, which fans seem pretty positive is indicative of an impending announcement. As you can see for yourself below, it's a pretty slick piece adorned with the following slogans : "Killing dreams. Murdering hope. Fighting the righteous. Bullying the weak."

It's certainly very pretty, and really rather intriguing... but does it mean anything? I don't think so, sadly. Some are taking the use of the phrase "bullying the weak" in particular as a sign that Rockstar is gearing up to announce Bully 2 finally, but I'm not sure Rockstar would be so obvious about it, surely?

A quick scroll through Reddit shows that fans are already tearing their hair out trying to make sense of the new logo. Some are arguing that the number of white lines on the left is a hint for something, though they aren't sure what. Others are entertaining the notion that the numbers on the image are coordinates leading to "some random place in Russia, or some random place at the border of Cameroon and Nigeria if you move the decimal place up by one".

Rockstar Games

Other still don't think that it's a hint for anything, but those that suggest that are just landing themselves in hot water with the ones that remain convinced the logo hides some kind of secret. The most likely explanation is that Rockstar really did just want to update its logo, and that it didn't intend to cause this much of a frenzy. It should have known better, frankly.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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