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Pornhub Took Advantage Of 'Fortnite's' Black Hole Event In The Best Way

Pornhub Took Advantage Of 'Fortnite's' Black Hole Event In The Best Way

A happy ending.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Years from now, wrinkled old gamers will sit their grandchildren down and tell them exactly where they were the day Fortnite was consumed by a black hole, and how they survived the terrible day and a half that followed.

Most of us know that the game simply went down for a bit so that Epic could prepare the big Chapter 2 update (which is live now), but that didn't stop some of the more dramatic among us from acting as though the developer had thrown Fortnite into a real-life black hole, never to be seen again

As if they ever would. Have you seen how much money the game continues to make, even two years on from release? A lot, is the answer.

Fortnite Black Hole
Epic Games

Whatever your opinion on Fortnite (not that I care at all what any of you think), there's absolutely no denying that Epic Games managed to nail this whole "The End"/black hole event, turning what was clearly a bit of extended server downtime into a massive deal.

I mean, it's not like Fortnite ever stopped being popular, but this whole stunt has gotten people talking about the game in a way they arguably haven't since it first blew up, and it's bound to have coaxed back lapsed players and brand new players for the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2.

Of course, you haven't really made a cultural impact until Pornhub has gotten involved, have you? I guess you could argue that's not true at all, but for the purposes of this article let's go right ahead and pretend you all agree with me.

The folk behind the Pornhub Twitter account (who so often do fine, upstanding work) saw an opportunity to cash in on the globally trending Fortnite black hole event and, I imagine, tempt some of those who were waiting for the game to come back online to go and do... something else for a little bit.

Referencing the fact that all of Fortnite's social media channels, official website, and game itself had all been replaced by an image of the black hole that had just consumed everything, Pornhub made the below comment - which you'll either find hilarious or revolting, depending on your outlook.

Personally, I'm torn between applauding the initiative taken by whoever was in charge of the Pornhub Twitter account at the time and being deeply troubled by the implication that watching porn essentially amounts to staring at holes. Either way, good job... I guess?

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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