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PlayStation 5's Hidden Web Browser Still Can't Access Porn, In Case You Were Wondering

PlayStation 5's Hidden Web Browser Still Can't Access Porn, In Case You Were Wondering

What even is the point then

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

As you're probably painfully aware by now, the PlayStation 5 doesn't have a web browser.

The reasoning behind this is fairly simple: According to Sony's data, nobody really used the PS4 browser function for anything outside of streaming movies on dodgy websites and watching porn. In fact, an incredible 51.1% of all console traffic to Pornhub was from PlayStation 4 users in 2019. You know, just in case you wanted to argue that console browsers aren't almost exclusively used for adult content these days.

No doubt this news came as a crushing blow to prospective masturbators around the world who were looking forward to a crafty bit of next-gen "me-time". Fortunately, it turns out there is a way to browse the internet on your PS5. Unfortunately, it's still not exactly ideal for watching porn, which according to the data renders it utterly useless for over half of the people reading this.

As uncovered by ArsTechnica, the PS5's hidden browser can be accessed by going to the 'Users And Accounts' section of the PS5 settings. What you need to do from here is select "Link With Other Services" and then select Twitter.

Do this, and you've only gone and reached the secret web browser. The catch is that you can't actually do very much at all here. Clicking the small Twitter logo in the top left corner will direct you to a browser-based version of Twitter, from which you can explore the wider web by clicking any external links that appear on your Twitter feed. Handy? Not really. You're also very, very unlikely to stumble onto Pornhub this way - but I guess you can try if you're really desperate. Honestly though, I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. Just boot up the PS4 if you're feeling nostalgic... or use your phone like a normal person.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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