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I Would Die For Little Cat When 'Stray' Finally Launches Next Year

I Would Die For Little Cat When 'Stray' Finally Launches Next Year

Cat's entertainment

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

BlueTwelve Studio has finally given fans the in-depth look at Stray they've so desperately been waiting for, and it looks absolutely perfect. I'm aware purr-fect was there for the taking, by the way, but it felt too easy.

No doubt Stray has sauntered onto your radar before now. The gorgeous-looking indie game/cat simulator took the internet by storm when it was initially revealed to the world during a PlayStation 5 showcase last year, but it's clearly come on leaps and bounds since then. An extended gameplay trailer released during the Annapurna Interactive showcase gives us a look at the game's mechanics, world, and story.

See for yourself below!

Stray is a third-person cat adventure game set in a decaying cybercity. We take control of a wee ginger fella who's been separated from his family (insert cry here), and mist explore the dark underbelly of his new location to get back home. Expect puzzle solving, exploration, platforming, and even a touch of combat as the cat teams up with a small drone that aids him on his quest. You can also just screw around and be a cat, if you want.

"It was important for us to show a glimpse of all the playful interactions that [the cat] can have with his environment," producer Swann Martin-Raget explained via the PlayStation Blog. "Some of them are useful and will help solve puzzles as you progress, and some are just here because cats will be cats - and as most cat owners know painfully well, no sofa can be left unscratched."

As you can probably tell, I'm utterly charmed by Stray, and can't wait to play it for myself. While this is BlueTwelve's debut effort, Annapurna rarely misses as a publisher. Throw in the fact that the studio is pushing Stray back to 2022 to ensure it lives up to their standards, and we could well be looking at one of the next year's brightest new releases.

Featured Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive

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