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PlayStation Will Have A Post-E3 Show With GTA News, Says Insider

PlayStation Will Have A Post-E3 Show With GTA News, Says Insider

Without PlayStation at E3, Xbox ruled over the conference.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

PlayStation's absence at E3 has been... a little heartbreaking, actually. The publisher decided to stay away from the gaming convention yet again this year and its absence left a massive hole in the presentations and the games we hoped to see. Deathloop, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, was absent; Horizon Forbidden West's gameplay presentation happened before E3; and, of course, we have no idea what the studios at PlayStation are now planning for the future.

PlayStation hasn't been at E3 for a couple of years now, which means we weren't exactly surprised at the absence, but its no-show was felt deeply all the same. However, there is potentially good news on the horizon as a gaming insider has said that a State of Play may be around the corner.

Here is the latest gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West, one of PlayStation's biggest upcoming releases...

According to Comicbook, an insider who goes by the name Navtra says that a PlayStation event will be announced in "a couple more weeks". This comment comes from a thread on ResetEra where the user tells audiences to be patient for a little while longer before assuming Sony has nothing to show for itself. And it certainly ties with what we heard a few weeks ago, about a Sony show coming at the end of June.

After PlayStation has done so well with its exclusive games in the past couple of years, it would be a surprise if it only had the upcoming release of Horizon Forbidden West and Deathloop planned. We wonder what it would have to celebrate if it did have a presentation, just around the corner.

It's also been claimed by a separate leaker by the name QuimSix that the PlayStation show is where we can expect to see our first real look at the "expanded and enhanced" new-gen port of Grand Theft Auto V. Quimsix stresses they're not 100% sure on this, but given last year's post E3 Sony event is where the GTA V port was first announced, it'd certainly make sense.

While Sony fans were sitting there twiddling their thumbs for a lot of E3, Xbox and Bethesda's presentation impressed. A huge number of games are coming to the Xbox Game Pass on day one of release, we saw new Halo Infinite Multiplayer footage, Starfield footage, the Redfall reveal, and so much more. You can see all of these trailers and more on our E3 page.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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