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PewDiePie Is Returning To YouTube Promising A "Big Reveal"

PewDiePie Is Returning To YouTube Promising A "Big Reveal"

“Big reveal. Be there!”

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Felix Kjellberg, or PewDiePie, has confirmed that he will be returning to his YouTube channel before the end of this month, and that he has a "big reveal" waiting in the wings.

At the start of this year, the 31-year-old content creator announced that he would be stepping away from YouTube temporarily, because he wasn't feeling very well. "I think I'm actually gonna take a couple of days. I know I've already said it, but I might not stream for a while just to take some full time off and just come back fully charged," he explained in a Minecraft livestream. "So yeah, I'll be offline for a week , two weeks, maybe three weeks. I don't know." PewDiePie started his channel in 2010, and quickly, his popularity surged to earn him the achievement of most-subscribed channel on YouTube only three years later. Today, he has over 108 million subscribers and has accrued over 26 billion views on his videos.

With an enormous platform like this, and the creativity and effort that goes into every stream, video, and sponsorship agreement, it's understandable that he would require some time to rethink what he wants from his presence on YouTube. As well as content creation, PewDiePie has also branched out into other ventures like game development, writing books, fashion design, music production and philanthropy. Most recently, PewDiePie donated $116,000 to the Sentencing Project, a research and advocacy centre which focuses on decarceration in the United States and to expose racial discrimination in its criminal justice system.

Fans were sympathetic to his decision to take a break, but it looks like they won't be waiting long to hear from him again. Speaking in an Instagram story while using a Minecraft Steve filter, he affirmed he will be back soon. "Gamers, the long awaited return will happen on the 23rd of this month," he said. "Big reveal. Be there!" Some have theorised that this surprise is something connected to Minecraft, hence his choice to don the filter. However, a different report asserts that video distribution company Jellysmack will be collaborating with PewDiePie to "revive his presence on the platform."

"We're honored that PewDiePie has entrusted his massive fanbase to Jellysmack and we're excited to show him how we can turn Facebook into a true brand asset for him without adding work to his plate," announced Jellysmack CEO Michael Philippe. "In this multiplatform video ecosystem, there are a lot of opportunities for creators to monetize their content, and our mission is to help them grow their audience and unlock their potential on each one." Reaching 125 million unique U.S. users and only being beaten by Disney and ViacomCBS, this looks like a match made in heaven for the content creator and the company.

Featured Image Credit: G FUEL Energy Drink Formula, PewDiePie

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