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The Saints Row Reboot Will Be An Epic Store Exclusive

The Saints Row Reboot Will Be An Epic Store Exclusive

Borderlands 3, Hitman 3, and now Saints Row.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

In case you missed it, Saints Row is back. The hectic, city-based action games are being rebooted as Saints Row with a set release date of February 25, 2022. The trailer was revealed at Gamescom on August 25th, and as fans are excited to get back into a chaotic crime underworld, especially with the absence of a new GTA game, there is one small elephant in the room - it's an Epic Games Store exclusive at release.

As reported by PC Gamer, Saints Row will get a PC release but only on the Epic Games Store on launch day. This may not seem like a big deal to many but storefront exclusivity has been known to annoy some fans in the past. Epic, which of course owns battle royale Fortnite, has in the past struck similar deals with games like Hitman 3 or Borderlands 3 and it seems this tactic is working for the developer and publisher so far.

Here is the trailer for Saints Row...

This of course costs quite a bit for the Epic Games Store to achieve, probably paying the developers of Saints Row upwards of 100 million for this opportunity to keep hold of the game for at least a year before it heads to Steam. The Epic Games Store is looking to rival Steam and its success as the main PC gaming storefront, and there are certain fans who won't like that the new Saints Row will be kept from Steam for a while.

According to PC Gamer though, the exclusivity deals have turned a profit for Epic so far which is a sign that people are still happy to get the games they crave wherever they become available. After all, the Epic Games Store also regularly gives away triple-A and indie games for free so of course, it's an attractive platform for those without sprawling Steam libraries.

So when Saints Row comes out February 25, 2022, you know where you can find it on PC now. It will also be available on PlayStations and Xboxes.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games / Deep Silver

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