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New Characters Are Coming To 'Genshin Impact'

New Characters Are Coming To 'Genshin Impact'

New faces for the ultimate anime game.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

If you haven't been playing new Breathe of the Wild inspired Genshin Impact then there might be a lot that you don't understand right away about the game. First, you might not know that the game has earned an astonishing amount since its release, despite being free-to-play. Nor will you know that character Paimon is perhaps the most annoying companion since Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

But perhaps above all, you might be confused watching a lot of random anime characters wielding random weapons without an explanation of what they're doing. And, being totally honest, the game just likes throwing new faces at you for you to love, hate, and level up so you can use cool elemental magic on everything. And now we know there are more playable characters on the way.

Reported by PC Gamer, there are apparently a bunch of new faces we will see in the coming future. Some of them are confirmed and locked in, others are more speculative.

First, there is Xiao, an Anemo powered character who was previously available in the Chinese beta test versions of the game. Playable and fully designed, he's featured as a character on the Genshin Impact website so we'll be seeing him sooner rather than later.

Second is Ayaka, who uses Cryo as her element. This character is likely to turn up sometime next year as she's from an area of the world that won't appear until a major update happens. Like Xiao she was in beta versions of the game so we know she's likely going to be seen again.

Next, we have Zhongli and Childe, who use the powers of Geo and Hydro. The story has already introduced Zhongli and Childe as NPCs but one thing about Genshin Impact, is that it doesn't like giving you cool in-game characters that you can't play. Rumour has it that Zhongli and Childe, although currently unplayable, will become characters you can earn through the game or through loot boxes at a later date.

Then we have Xinyan (Pyro) and Diona (Cryo) who could be just around the corner from being added to the game next month, according to planned updates to the game.

The way that Genshin Impact will continue to be profitable to MiHoYo is through adding new characters all to the time to the game for you to play with and explore, so we can continually expect more content for the game from now on. If you want to try Genshin Impact for yourself then you can do so via its website.

Featured Image Credit: MiHoYo

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