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'Minecraft' YouTuber Dream Teases What's Underneath The Mask, And Fans Are Going Wild

'Minecraft' YouTuber Dream Teases What's Underneath The Mask, And Fans Are Going Wild

This YouTuber’s identity is under lock and key.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Dream, a YouTuber who has earned over 25 million subscribers for his hugely popular survival multiplayer Minecraft server, recently revealed his hair in a photo to Instagram.

Cor, these spring chickens idolising influencers and streamers that sit on their bottoms and play video games all day. Why don't they aspire to churn themselves through the daily grind like my father and his father before him? Well, perhaps it's due to the fact that this sounds, and is, totally demotivational and YouTube and Twitch have proven that anyone could become a big time name on the platform while enjoying their favourite games and creating a community of like-minded people. Perhaps. A case in point: Dream started his career two years ago and his rise to superstardom is something to behold.

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He has also been embroiled in a speedrun cheating controversy as the save file he was using in Minecraft had been altered by mods which gave him a higher chance of getting end-game items earlier in the run. "I'm sorry to anyone that I let down or disappointed. I always strive to be the best person that I can be and that whole debacle wasn't the best that I can be or anywhere near it," said Dream of the investigation into the legitimacy of his speedruns.

Fortunately, his community seems to have been sympathetic and stuck by his side. In a post to Instagram, Dream is posing with a framed print out of a Tweet by fellow streamer GeorgeNotFound, hiding his face with two discs. Dream is protective over his identity and is only represented as a black and white cartoon face in his content, though he has joked that he'll do a "neck reveal" and an eventual face reveal in the future. But, his fans are going absolutely hog-wild that a few strands of his hair are visible underneath his hoodie in the photo.

If all this adoration for a streamer is confusing, I advise you to check out the Beatlemania article on Wikipedia. I know half of you are not going to do that so I'll sum it up: it's not new, you don't have to "get" it, and let people enjoy things.

Featured Image Credit: Dream via Instagram

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