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Mass Effect Devs Joke The Geth Are Coming IRL, But They Might Not Be Wrong

Mass Effect Devs Joke The Geth Are Coming IRL, But They Might Not Be Wrong

"We do not experience fear, but we understand how it affects you."

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Have you seen those videos of robots made by Boston Dynamics? The ones that jump, dance, backflip and now free run? BioWare, the developer of Mass Effect, has responded to these jaw dropping videos by comparing the robots to the Geth. Honestly, it's not too far off.

To introduce you to the race of sentient artificial intelligence, the story actually starts at a point in galactic history when humans had just invented the tin opener while the quarians were developing robot servants and soldiers. The quarians' inventions were a little too successful and the Geth realised that their overlords were afraid of how much they seemed to show sentience.

The aliens tried to stop the rebellion in its tracks, yet, the Geth had taken over and ousted the quarians from their homeworld within a year. The race then became nomadic and cut off from the rest of the groups who compose the Citadel.

Earlier this year, Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched, improving the visuals and gameplay of these classic shooters for fresh-faced space cadets. Take a look at the difference between Mass Effect in 2007 and in 2021.

With this (albeit fictional) history in mind, watching the new Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics sprint along an assault course is... concerning. This chunk of metal and circuity climbs those stairs like a pro. I cannot say the same and that is why I will be the first to expire in the inevitable robot uprising.

BioWare certainly sees the similarities between the robots and the Geth and players are joining in on the joke. "Good thing that I followed a mostly paragon route and brokered a peace with them then..." said @Eksili_Pilav on Twitter. It's worth mentioning that not all Geth are isolationist - Legion is one of the most beloved characters for his matter-of-fact approach that leads to unintentional hilarity.

Mass Effect 5 is in development right now and fans are feeling optimistic for the future. While it offered compelling combat and awesome art, Mass Effect Andromeda should have been much more than it was and that was the result of trouble at the studio, unfortunately. However, it is hoped that the teams are able to work at a gentler pace and put their all into the game, ensuring that it's what everyone wants from a new adventure in the Milky Way.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare, Boston Dynamics via YouTube

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