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Jake Paul Left With Black Eye After Squaring Up To Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul Left With Black Eye After Squaring Up To Floyd Mayweather

Less than Jake.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Internet personality Jake Paul has been left with a black eye and a busted tooth after squaring up to boxer Floyd Mayweather during a recent press conference.

The incident, which I think we can probably all describe as deeply embarrassing for everyone involved, took place during a promotional press conference for next month's fight between Mayweather and Jake's brother Logan. In a move that I'm sure wasn't a desperate grab for attention in any way, Jake faced up to the boxer at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

You can see the resulting brawl for yourself below.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer approached Mayweather and pinched his hat before attempting to leave, a move I haven't actually seen since I was in secondary school. Somewhat understandably, Floyd reached out to grab Jake. With so many people around, it's difficult to discern what actually happened in the resulting brouhaha. What is clear is that Jake left the one-on-one decidedly worse for wear.

Security eventually managed to intervene, but video footage footage shows Mayweather was far from happy with Jake's stunt. He can be heard storming off and screaming: "I'll kill you motherf**ker! Are you crazy? I'll f*** you up, motherf*****. I don't play motherf***ing games. I'll f*** you up."

Some fans believe this tirade was aimed at Logan, but given the hat moment and resulting scuffle, it seems more likely that the younger Paul brother was the target.

As reported by LADbible Jake surfaced on Instagram a little bit later on, apparently already sporting a black eye from his impromptu bout. Fans on social media also believe he had his teeth busted inwards, although this is less certain.

Logan and Floyd will face off in Miami on June 6. Let's just hope Jake doesn't show up to try and steal his brother's thunder again. I'm not sure his face could take another pummeling.

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