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'God Of War Ragnarök' Developer Hits Out At Racist Trolls Complaining About New Character

'God Of War Ragnarök' Developer Hits Out At Racist Trolls Complaining About New Character

Angrboda looks incredible

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

We've been looking forward to the reveal of God of War Ragnarök for a long time now. Since the teaser in 2020 we've been watching and waiting and we have been rewarded with our first look at the game at the PlayStation Showcase last week. We got to see Kratos and Atreus in action and following the trailer reveal, some awesome pictures of the cast appeared online.

We've already mentioned how Thor's look has been a little controversial. I mean the MCU is great but it's warped the idea of what the god should look like - bulging muscles and washboard abs aren't everything you know. And additionally, there are some people upset that there's a Black person in the game. They're fine with giant serpents, or blue dwarves, but apparently Black people in a mythological game is a step too far... Well, the Ragnarök devs have something to say about that.

Here is the trailer for God of War Ragnarök...

As one post on ResetEra has noted, Matt Sophos who's working as the writer and story lead on Ragnarök has combatted trolls complaining about Angrboda. During the first trailer of the game, we briefly met Angrboda, a Jötunn woman who is known in mythology as the mother of monsters and possible mate to Loki. She'll be played by Laya De Leon Hayes, a young Black woman which has suddenly upset some people on the internet.

Sophos spotted on troll asking why the character is Black in a game based on Norse myth and responds: "Do they also have blue Dwarves in Norse mythology? Was Loki the son of a Greek demigod? Please show me in the Eddas where it says that all Jötunn were lily white? Let me save you the time... you can't. I've read them."

A troll responds, "Then I trust that you'll make some of the mythological characters white in the eventual Egyptian series of GoW games. Wouldn't want any double standards, correct?" Sophos then says: "You *do* know Jötunn aren't real right? They can be anyone or anything? Some are even giant serpents? But I get it. You were only okay with Jörmungandr because his scales were white, right? Well, good luck to you. Hope you can find a game that better fits your sensibilities."

For some reason, there are some people who pick and choose the moments that they want things to be "historically accurate". This entire game is fantasy, and not only is it fantasy, but it also doesn't claim to ever exactly follow original lore or mythology. The world of God of War is based on characters and tales of old which the developers can transform into a story they love and want to tell. And if you're arguing with the person who wrote the story on why one of the characters happens to be Black, you're probably not the audience those developers want to please anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio

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