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'Fortnite: Chapter Two' Leak Teases Brand New Map

'Fortnite: Chapter Two' Leak Teases Brand New Map

New beginnings?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

It looks like Fortnite's upcoming season 11 is set to bring arguably the biggest changes the popular battle royale has seen since releasing back in 2017. A new leak suggests that Epic Games is gearing up to rebrand the colourful shooter as Fortnite: Chapter 2, with an entirely new map to boot.

This revelation comes via a leak from Apple's Italian App Store, of all places. An image (which of course has since been removed) appeared briefly in the app store, showing a group of characters looking out across a map that looks nothing like the game's current arena, complete with boats and a large (blurry) building off in the distance.

Now, it's no secret that Fortnite applies some pretty radical changes to its maps with each new season, but bigger fans than myself have been sharing the image on Twitter and pointing out that it's almost certainly a brand new map.

Introducing a brand new map could be a real shot in the arm for Fortnite, not that it really needs it, given that it's still one of the most popular games in the world - despite a reported 52 percent drop in revenue when compared to last year.

Regardless, calling it Fortnite: Chapter 2 implies that we'll be seeing some genuinely massive changes, and with the climax of Season 10 coming to a close with a special event called The End, there's every chance that the current map, after all its been through, is finally about to be retired for pastures new.

It's also worth noting that fans previously spotted a leak pointed to 13 new locations at the start of the next season, so even if it ends up being the same map in essence, I think we can bank on there being a number of major changes to it, making it almost unrecognizable.

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Epic Games

The only way to find out the truth for sure is to watch Fortnite's The End live event, which kicks off this Sunday at 7pm UK time. Would a new map be enough to tempt you back to the battle royale?

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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