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'Far Cry 2' Remake Could Be In Development, According To Leaked Map

'Far Cry 2' Remake Could Be In Development, According To Leaked Map

Far Cry 2: Cry More

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Far Cry 2 doesn't really get the love it deserves. While Far Cry 3 seems to be more fondly remembered thanks to its cast of characters and gorgeous open world, 2008's Far Cry 2 was a massively ambitious piece of work. Did it deliver on everything it set out to do? No, but it came pretty damn close, and it's a game that more people should check out, frankly.

The good news is that we might just be getting that chance in the near future. Over on Reddit, a user who claims to have spent time combing through one of the latest Ubisoft leaks has uncovered an image of what looks to be a remastered map of Far Cry 2's failed Central African state.

"I got the Ubisoft leak and found that this image [below] was in there," wrote Greenhouse95. "After searching for a long time for it on the Internet I couldn't find it. Could that mean that they are or were planning on doing a remaster of Far Cry 2?"

Far Cry 2 /

While this alleged leaked map should definitely be taken with a massive pinch of salt for now, many in the Reddit thread agree that a remaster or remake of Far Cry 2 is an "inevitably", especially given all the welcome quality-of-life changes such a project could make to a game that has, admittedly, started to age in some areas.

"Best Far Cry in my opinion," wrote one user. "Just really need to do something about the stupid respawning outposts and driver AI that will follow you to the ends of the Earth just to ram you."

"You take those damn outposts off and I'm completely fine I swear," agreed another. "Also maybe decrease the malaria catching a bit?"

It was at this point that I remembered why it took me so long to even consider going back to Far Cry 2. As great as it is, and is great, there are many, many built-in elements that often make the adventure needlessly difficult. I'm all for a challenge, but Far Cry 2 throws so much at you so often that it can become a little overwhelming. Maybe just include a "classic" mode for those who loved the intensity of the original game?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. As I said, this map is shaky at best which means a Far Cry 2 remake is incredibly far from being confirmed. Still, Far Cry 5 launched with a remaster of Far Cry 3 as a pre-order bonus, so who's to say Far Cry 6 won't launch with an overhauled Far Cry 2? I imagine a project like that would take a bit more work than Far Cry 3 did, but there's clearly an eager audience waiting for it. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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