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‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Players Calling For Removal Of “Pay-To-Win” Operator

‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Players Calling For Removal Of “Pay-To-Win” Operator

Without a shadow of a doubt.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Call Of Duty: Warzone players are upset over Operator Roze's new skin which effectively affords the player invisibility in the dark areas of maps, so getting kills is a walk in the park.

I don't play Warzone, but based on appearances alone, I see why people are up in arms. The "Rook'' skin is the Tier 100 Season 5 Battle Pass reward, and the outfit shrouds the Operator in black matte materials, and adds black face paint underneath her mask for good measure. As a result, players who use this skin on this Operator are practically camouflaged in shadowy corners, of which Verdansk, The Gulag, and Rebirth Island have a lot.

Moreover, it's very difficult to see inside buildings from the outside, letting players camp out in the contrast between the different lights. HeyBucko Warzone uploaded this video exemplifying the problem perfectly. They had no chance against the Roze player who is hiding somewhere in the other room, even after they start to close in on their location to finish the job.

"I'm reaching a boiling point with this game. My luck is terrible as it is, but I'm starting to really dislike the play style most people have. I'll run around and be tactical but I literally always die to someone who doesn't move. It's literally a game of hide until you see someone run across your screen," said APx_22 on Reddit. Yet, other players agree that it isn't fair, but admit to using the skin to get the upper hand on their enemies. Even the Warzone Twitch Rivals tournament saw almost all of the competitors wearing Roze's "Rook" skin, which is an odd phenomenon, if Operator skins are only meant to be a cosmetic choice.

The accusations of the skin being "pay-to-win" arise from its place in Season 5's Battle Pass, and seeing as that a lot of the community have forked out for the premium pass, it is imaginable that Raven Software won't take it out of the game. The developer could alter the skin slightly, in order to not detract from the original design, but to allow for a glint or sheen on the outfit so Roze players aren't so invisible. Fingers crossed that Raven Software hear the complaints of the community, and are able to take action so that the matches are more balanced.

Featured Image Credit: Raven Software

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