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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Just Added Intense Lightning Storms

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Just Added Intense Lightning Storms

Never seen a rusty person.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Call of Duty: Warzone has seen a sudden surge in lightning storms, and these bizarre weather events may be a teaser for Season 2.

Now, only last week were players able to control the weather themselves, like Airbenders from Avatar: The Last... Airbender. This spooky glitch saw cloud sizes and movements attached to the scope of the gun, which was very entertaining for about five minutes, and then it became very annoying. Fortunately, Treyarch were aware of the issue and rectified it so that players were no longer walking on sunshine. It's possible that this glitch was a failed rollout of the lightning storms that are forming in parts of Verdansk, and that it's marking the end of Season 1 of Warzone.

The clips and screenshots of the lightning storms seem to show them occurring in two areas of the map thus far. There's one cloud over the top of the dam, and there's been another cloud over the river mouth where it meets the sea. It's also possible to see the storms in other random areas of the map, so it might not be determined by the players' proximity to the water. Treyarch is yet to address the incidence of the new weather, which it did do with the cloud glitch, and this is the reason why the community is connecting the dots to the arrival of Season 2.

Earlier this month, a dark green computer was found in the hospital in Verdansk, with a bright white star on the side of it. Upon closer inspection, a Post-It note on its screen reads "Prove yourself, to the victor, go the spoils." That's the Cold War Zombies trial machine, and it's got a popup which invites the player to "ACTIVATE_ZOMBIES." At the moment, the action doesn't lead to anything. Another strange event was the graphical glitching and scrambling while playing Warzone. This also occurred when Activision was getting ready to reveal Black Ops Cold War last year. Then, these storms make their presence known with only nine days til the end of Season 1. It's enough time for another teaser to appear to really ramp up the anticipation for Season 2, which is likely to be mega if all of these incidences link up together.

Or, it could be a test for a new feature for the battle royale. "am i the only one who thinks it would be cool to have some different weather from time to time?" commented cr0wbar1227 on Reddit. "A snow storm where tracking blood and footprints would play a big role? Pooring [sic] rain and thunderstorms where optics would be effected outside...i thought the night modes were pretty cool as well during halloween...would be cool to just rotate the options out to me." That does sound cool to me too, cr0wbar1227. And, it would add another layer between and within matches to ensure that the game is dynamic and unpredictable. Let us know, Activision.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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