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Brendan Fraser Once Again Melts Hearts Talking About 'George Of The Jungle'

Brendan Fraser Once Again Melts Hearts Talking About 'George Of The Jungle'

Watch out for those feels.



Words by: Catherine Lewis

Admit it, we all had a soft spot for Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle. Despite the movie's success at the time - as well as it continuing to be iconic even today - we really didn't see a whole lot more of its star actor in the years following (other than starring in two fantastic The Mummy movies, and the third one), which left fans asking what happened to him.

Well, much to the internet's delight, we've finally been blessed with a Brendan Fraser comeback after it was announced that he'd be playing a main role in the upcoming movie The Whale, directed by Darren Aronofsky. Fans have been crawling out from under the woodwork to show their support for the actor, as well as tapping into their repressed feelings from the 90s to swoon over him.

In particular, fans are going wild over one video of Fraser's appearance on American talk show Busy Tonight, in which he was invited onto the show to surprise former co-actor Leslie Mann, who played Ursula Stanhope in the 90s classic. In the video, Mann admits it wasn't just her character who fell in love with Fraser over the course of the movie, and that a certain love declaration scene had a lot less acting in it than originally intended. Fraser then surprises her with a bunch of flowers, as well as his iconic "butt flap" from the movie. Peak romance. But really, the whole thing is very sweet.

"It's impossible not to love Brendan, he is just the sweetest soul," commented one Facebook user. "I always think I love him the full amount possible, and then that gets blown out of the water. Every. Single. Time." added another.

This isn't the only sweet Brendan Fraser moment that fans are losing their minds over, either. Just last week, one TikTok went viral in which the actor chokes up after a fan tells him that everyone is rooting for him in his upcoming role. The Whale doesn't currently have a release date, but there's no doubt that fans are eagerly anticipating seeing more of the actor soon. Although chances are, he'll be wearing a bit more than a loincloth this time, if that's a dealbreaker for you.

Featured Image Credit: Disney, Busy Tonight

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