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'Alice: Asylum' Gets Awesome New Images As Release Date Draws Nearer

'Alice: Asylum' Gets Awesome New Images As Release Date Draws Nearer

The third game is being supported through Patreon.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Alice: Asylum, the upcoming entry into the dark fantasy action-adventure series, is looking exceptional in these new artworks shared by creator American McGee.

When American McGee's Alice released in 2000, it was something unlike anything else that was out there at the time. The setting was simultaneously decadent, intricate, and macabre, blending beauty and chaos as the protagonist explored her psyche, which is referred to be Wonderland. The player completes the events of the original story, but through a lens of mental instability and overcoming her survivor's guilt as she was the only member of her family to survive a devastating fire. American McGee's Alice sees the character leave the Asylum where she was being treated, whereas its sequel Alice: Madness Returns uncovers the terrifying truth of the tragedy that befell the Liddels.

McGee always had intentions for the Alice games to be a trilogy, and even before Alice: Madness Returns had released, he was confident in a third chapter for the heroine's story. But, publisher Electronic Arts was not that interested in continuing with Alice, and so McGee explained that the third game would arrive as a project through his Patreon account. At the moment, fans are able to send donations for pre-production costs through the service, and now supporters are finally seeing the fruits of the team's labours.

The first lot of artwork is courtesy of concept artist Adam Narozanski, who specialises in environments, characters, and creatures. The two pieces depict the melancholy wonder of the Vale of Tears and the Courthouse, which is presumably a section of the Queen of Hearts castle. There is some twisted symbolism here with rolls of parchment reading "it's your fault" over and over again and menacing pointed fingers made from glass. It looks really good, is what I'm saying.

The second set is from the art director of Alice: Asylum, Omri Koresh, and shows Alice "running through a battle between Chess Pieces, Card Guards, and Chaos Monsters." Once again, the uniqueness of the original two games has been preserved in this diabolically chaotic scene, representing Alice's psyche under siege in an artistic style. If we take a closer look, her joints look like those of a doll, insinuating that she might be able to transform to use new abilities in combat. Hopefully, we'll get an official reveal of the game in action ahead of its launch, which is apparently set for October.

Featured Image Credit: Adam Narozanski, Omri Koresh

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