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Adorable Pokémon Ditto Plush Can Transform Into The Perfect Seat

Adorable Pokémon Ditto Plush Can Transform Into The Perfect Seat

Pokémon fans won’t want to miss out on this curious collectible.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Adding another plush to the pile of peculiar Pokémon paraphernalia, this Ditto cushion is simultaneously the sweetest and strangest thing we've ever seen.

Something about Ditto's vacant yet content expression is very calming, I feel. Seeing how popular Ditto plushies are, a line which swaps the face of the original pocket monster with the iconic two dots and wide smile, I know I cannot be alone in this estimation. And now, Ditto will be a source of comfort and cheer in its latest form. Available only in Japan at the moment, the cushion is the same shape and shade as the Transform Pokémon, and at 40 centimetres across, it fits neatly on the base of whichever seat you're using.

Furthermore, the shape of Ditto has been designed to let your legs rest in between its curves, preventing any uncomfiness triggered by one leg being trapped while the other is free. It appears to be washable, too, with the interior of the cushion being made of foam with a squishy or gel centre whereas the Ditto itself is a cover. We at GAMINGbible are working from home owing to the coronavirus crisis, and I don't have a proper space at a desk to use. To the sofa, then, but appearances are deceiving and in the middle of the sofa is a greedy chasm that pulls you in like a black hole.

My solution? Buy Ditto cushion when it comes to European stores. Wait for Ditto cushion to arrive. Take Ditto cushion. Cover sofa chasm with Ditto cushion. Profit. But, there's no confirmed date for the cushion to go worldwide. I have another plan, fortunately. I'm also especially tempted by the giant Ditto chair offered by Cellutane. It reminds me of those inflatable chairs that you'd always land on when leafing through the Argos catalogue. Oh dear, now I'm down a Ditto rabbithole. Look at these keycaps! And these charms that are emanating glittery and girly '90s vibes! Or this glowing crystal Poké Ball home to a light-up Ditto!

Pokémon fans might want to pinch the pennies from now on, because The Pokémon Company have announced all sorts of celebrations for the series' 25th anniversary. Reprints of classic cards are on their way, with the Galar region kicking off in early March, followed by Alola, Kalos, Unova... etcetera. And, the Shining Fates release for The Pokémon Trading Card Game will roll out on February 19th, boasting some of the most beautiful pieces of paper that we've ever seen.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

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