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Adorable Father Games Using His Entire Body, Leaning And Ducking

Adorable Father Games Using His Entire Body, Leaning And Ducking

Oh and the new 'Overwatch' map looks pretty good too

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

We've all been there, ducking, leaning, or flinching at what's appearing in front of us when we're playing a game. I've done it when playing MarioKart Wii as a kid, and I'll continue doing it when playing Dark Souls when I', trying to see what's happening around a corner. It's involuntary and even a little embarrassing sometimes, but you know who pulls it off? Biggestsonicfan's dad.

On Twitter, an adorable video has been posted by user Biggestsonicfan of their father playing Overwatch in a pretty intense fashion. The dad is swerving, dodging, and leaning in real-time to match the actions that his hero, healer Lucio, is making as he plays a match.

The post says that "My dad plays Overwatch like this. He jerks around, dodging and peeking around corners. He lifts his mouse a LOT. He loses his breath... But top 4 he says" with an eye-rolling emoji at the end. The top four comment probably refers to free-for-all mode his dad is playing on - get top four and it's considered a win, rather than the dad being top four Lucio's in the US. If that is the case though, he should get on the phone to the Overwatch League pronto.

The kid follows up with a little clarification, "Something I want to clear up: I love my dad and he can play games however he wants. I understand he's fully immersed and in the zone. I just speculate his game might improve if he has a little more concentrated focus" which, to be fair, is pretty true. When I'm getting my Overwatch on, I can't imagine trying to control both my hero and my chair at the same time, no matter how adorable the video might be on the other end of this.

And it looks like Lucio enjoys the video too - I mean Jonny Cruz, the cheery voice behind the Brazilian healer. The voice actor says, "He plays Lucio. I am honored" before Biggestsonicfan responds with excitement. "Hey says the honor is all his!" referring to his dad. Both Cruz and one of the best Lucios in the world, EchoFlex, are the dad's main inspiration.

In any case, it's so nice to just see people enjoying the games they like in their own way. Especially when it's someone who we might not ordinarily think of as a gamer, like with older generations who have widely started gaming since lockdown.

Featured Image Credit: Biggestsonicfan (via Twitter) / Blizzard

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