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A Popular 'GTA 6' Rumour Has Been Debunked By Eagle-Eyed Fan

A Popular 'GTA 6' Rumour Has Been Debunked By Eagle-Eyed Fan

It wasn't meant to be.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

I think it's safe to say that the fans are ready for some real, genuine Grand Theft Auto VI news. It's been several months since a report confirmed that Rockstar has started early development on the next entry in the popular crime series, but the studio itself has yet to say a word on the matter. Heck, we don't even know for sure that the game currently in development is going to be called GTA VI, but for now that's what we're all referring to it as.

In the months since that report was published, GTA VI rumours have been flying around in every direction. The most popular theory is that the new game will bring players back to Vice City for a drug-smuggling adventure inspired by the likes of Netflix's Narcos. This is, of course, completely unconfirmed... but that hasn't stopped a handful of "leaked" maps from showing up online.

Rockstar Games

One such map started doing the rounds a few weeks ago, getting some of the more die-hard fans very excited about the possibilities. About a week after this completely unverified map appeared on Reddit, another fan claimed to have found evidence that Rockstar had hidden a tease towards that very same map in GTA V.

A number of postcards found in a Los Santos strip club made reference to a location called Paradise Isle, which has yet to appear in any Grand Theft Auto game. Comparing the postcards to the leaked map, the game who found them believed that the two actually matched up. While some pointed out this was a bit of a stretch, others argued that Rockstar does have a habit of hiding references to future games in its releases. Could it be legit, then?

No, it couldn't. As most suspected, there's absolutely nothing to suggest that the map and the postcards match up. While that doesn't outright disprove that this leaked map - which has surfaced online a few times now - is fake, it doesn't exactly help its chances of being the real deal either.

As pointed out by some pretty impressive research by Reddit user henriquedematos, one of the postcards displayed in the GTA V strip club was actually taken from a stock photography website, which you can see here. Similarly, the second postcard isn't teasing a brand-new location, but is from a 3D Studio Max render that has appeared on a number of sites. Crucially, neither of these images were made by Rockstar, which means they're almost certainly not teasing anything that Rockstar might have planned for the future.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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