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Pooch Left Heartbroken After Seeing Owner Shoot Dogs In 'Far Cry 6'

Pooch Left Heartbroken After Seeing Owner Shoot Dogs In 'Far Cry 6'

It's a dog-shoot-dog world

Far Cry 6 is an odd game, in that it both is and isn’t for animal lovers. As has become tradition for Ubisoft’s long-running open-world FPS franchise, it’s possible to enlist a number of animal companions to your cause.

As you work to liberate Yara, you’ll work alongside crocodiles, roosters, panthers, and of course, dogs. The sausage dog chorizo quickly stole the hearts of gamers everywhere when he was unveiled alongside Far Cry 6 last year, although it’s worth noting that things can get brutal quickly for your animal buddies. 

To be clear, your amigos can never be killed, but dragging them into the heat of battle will inevitably lead to them taking the occasional bullet. Your animal companions will only ever be “downed” and are able to rejoin the battle as soon as you revive them, but it can be hard watching them in pain as they lie prone in the middle of a warzone. 

Unfortunately, some of the other animals in the game are much less fortunate than the ones who align with you. There are plenty of enemy NPCs who have their own attack dogs, meaning you spend a really rather depressing amount of time in Far Cry 6 gunning down canines. 

This is hardly a barrel of laughs, but we can at least take comfort in the fact we know it’s just a game. But there are those of us who can’t quite make that distinction. 

In a heartbreaking TikTok that recently blew up online, we see an adorable dog happily watching his owner play through Far Cry 6. It’s all fun and games… right up until the moment the poor pooch is forced to watch a fellow dog get murdered. This was clearly self-defence on the player’s part, obviously, but given the dog’s reaction, that’s probably not a good enough excuse. 

Take a look for yourself below. The choice of music is absolutely on-point, by the way.

Pour one out for this heartbroken doggo. You can literally see the moment it loses all respect for its owner.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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