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Fallout is officially returning sooner than any of us expected

Fallout is officially returning sooner than any of us expected

Fallout is heading to Fortnite

Yet another Fallout fix is on the way but it’s not coming from Bethesda - it’s coming from Epic Games.

Yes, that’s right. Fallout is officially coming to Fortnite and oh my, I have more than a few questions.

Fallout is, to state the obvious, experiencing quite the renaissance. Days after Prime Video’s TV adaptation premiered on the streaming service, Bethesda announced that the franchise had welcomed in over 5 million players across all Fallout titles.

The TV show is positively fantastic if you’re yet to dive in, and is as accessible to newcomers as it is to seasoned fans.

Sadly, we haven’t had anything in the way of a new Fallout game to enjoy.

The vast majority of us have instead been sampling Fallout 4’s recently released new-gen update, but we’ll soon be able to enjoy the world of Fallout within Fortnite too.

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 - titled Myths & Mortals - is set to end this coming Friday, on 24 May.

The incoming Chapter 5, Season 3 - titled Wrecked - will, based on teasers, add new locations and points of interest that adopt a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland aesthetic.

We played snog, marry, irradiate with the cast of Fallout. Take a look below.

It all began just a few days ago when Fortnite’s official social media accounts dropped a teaser image featuring a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, confirming the collaboration.

Earlier today, a video was then posted from the real life Monster Jam showing a recreation of the game’s Battle Bus being destroyed.

The caption read, “Might be a new bus in town.”

As for the first official teaser trailer, that simply reads, “Seatbelts: on,” as we see a few familiar faces look out towards an incoming dust storm.

That storm seems to be home to some rather ferocious new vehicle-wielding characters who set off in a Mad Max-esque fashion across the wasteland.

I’m imagining these shadowed characters will be the obtainable Battle Pass skins with Fallout being the season’s key crossover, just as we saw during Myths & Mortals with Avatar.

It was several weeks into Myths & Mortals before the Avatar mini Battle Pass was added.

It awaits to be seen if this is what’ll happen with Fallout but I’d certainly prepare yourself for the possibility that it might be.

With just a few days left until the new season gets underway, we don’t have long to wait until Epic reveals all.

That also means you don’t have long left to complete the existing battle pass. Off to grind some last minute XP I go.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Epic Games

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