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Magic card heist ends with a wild car chase and explosive crash

Magic card heist ends with a wild car chase and explosive crash

The car was found crumpled into the corner of a house after colliding at high speed.

In an attempt to steal Magic the Gathering cards, comics and various merchandise from a California comic book store, two criminals crashed their getaway car into a house and escaped horrific consequences.

The Murrieta Police Department described what had happened last week when they received a 911 call from an employee who witnessed two people break into Graham Cracker Comics through CCTV camera feeds. Seeing that Magic the Gathering cards go for a pretty penny these days, the store must have been on their radar for some time before the heist occurred.

On the scene, officers approached a parked Dodge Charger outside the store that suddenly sped away when they tried to contact them. The second suspect tried to flee on foot but was caught and apprehended while the rest of the officers tracked down the Charger.

Unsurprisingly, it appears that the driver became overwhelmed with panic and although the police lost sight of the car in the area of Ivy Street and Washington Avenue, the vehicle was found embedded into the corner of a house on Ivy Street and 3rd Avenue.

It is a stroke of luck that no one inside the house was harmed and imaginably the late hour was a factor meaning that the ground floor room was fortunately empty. The police ascertained the car was missing its driver and set up a perimeter to arrest the suspect who was then found in a nearby garden.

Both individuals were admitted to hospital and booked into the Cois Byrd Detention Centre once they had been treated and cleared. Searching the Charger, the officers found these stolen Magic the Gathering cards, comic books and other assorted products removed from Graham Cracker Comics.

Featured Image Credit: Murrieta Police Department via Facebook, Wizards of the Coast

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