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'Starfield' Teaser Confirms Space Cats, And I'm Sold

'Starfield' Teaser Confirms Space Cats, And I'm Sold

They aren't kitten around.

Starfield is taking us to a bold and brand new frontier in sci-fi RPGs and a lot of us will be thrilled to learn that our four-legged friends are absolutely on board for the journey. 

“Well, we like to put you in a world where we’re not dragging you by the nose and saying you must do X, Y and Z, and that it’s okay for you to want to test the [game’s boundaries],” said Todd Howard in an interview about the anticipated adventure, adding that it’s in fact riffing off the feeling of playing a classic CRPG game. “You know, can I read this book? Can I pick this up? Can I do this? What if I do this? What if I do this? And the game is saying ‘yes’ a lot.” 

Check out the trailer that came out for E3 2021 below!

While you might be leaving your own footprints in the meteor dust, it’s not always about the epic storyline that weaves together the numerous planets in the galaxy. “If you just want to pass the time and go watch the sunset and pick flowers, it’s rewarding in that way too. The quiet moments feel really really good,” continued Howard. 

To me, nothing would surpass the feeling of pulling your moon boots off your aching feet after an entire day spent exploring the wastes of a beautiful and mysterious world, only to be yelled at by a cat who’s upset that dinner has been delayed by three minutes. This image has been conjured up by a new piece of concept art that appeared in a dev diary from Bethesda. Snapped by Reddit user TendraTheWolf, take a look at the scene featuring an astronaut, their young child, a little black cat and a cowboy robot: 

Starfield concept art /
Bethesda Softworks

They look just like my cat! Therefore this must be evidence that my cat is going to live forever, visiting new planets and walking amongst the stars, like she deserves. It’s possible that other animals came along with the humans that left Earth to explore the universe — imagine taking your retriever for a walk through a kaleidoscopic bioluminescent forest or hearing your hamster scurry through the tunnels of their enclosure while you fill out your journal on your latest adventure. The art is gaining a lot of praise from players who are enjoying the grounded, rugged and realistic approach over the glitzy sheen of something like Mass Effect, for example. “Skyrim in space” surely only scratches the surface of what we’ve got in store in Starfield. 

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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