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Hovercrafts In ‘Battlefield 2042’ Can Climb Skyscrapers With Ease

Hovercrafts In ‘Battlefield 2042’ Can Climb Skyscrapers With Ease

Realism doesn't matter in Battlefield 2042, obviously

I’m not going to say that Battlefield 2042 is based entirely on realism. I mean, there are statistically far too many tornados in these war zones to be accurate for a start, and let’s not even talk about jet pilots and their bazooka tricks. However, one thing that might need to be changed about Battlefield 2042 is that hovercrafts seem to be able to climb skyscrapers with relative ease. 

In the early access release of the game, one streamer was incredibly confused as the passenger of a hovercraft as the driver decided to steer the vehicle up a skyscraper. Forsen was playing Battlefield 2042’s Hourglass map which takes place in an extremely sandy Qatar city. Many of the buildings here are huge towering skyscrapers and although you’d think military machines were powerful enough to deal with the dunes, they can also sometimes just climb straight up glass towers too. 

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The clip shows streamer Forsen watching in disbelief as a team member drives the vehicles up the side of the building, barely struggling to reach the top. Unfortunately, it seems that although that made the team safe from the forces down below, helicopters are still going to be an issue at this altitude, so their fun doesn’t last all that long. 

What seems to be happening is that because there is a corner and two sides of the building the hovercraft has contact with, the game recognises it as a surface it can climb. Gravity doesn’t really matter, right?

This is almost certainly unintentional. Battlefield 2042 certainly encourages players to make their own fun, as our review in progress says, but this is maybe a little too functional. I will say that the hovercraft is the most fun of the vehicles in the new game though so once you’re in, why not try them out?

Featured Image Credit: EA / Dice / Forsen

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