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Amouranth Sends "Revealing" Birthday Message To xQc For $200

Amouranth Sends "Revealing" Birthday Message To xQc For $200

“No sh*t! How much did you guys pay for this?”

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left pleasantly surprised earlier this week when his fans arranged for him to receive a special Birthday message from none other than Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa.

xQc turned 26 last week, and received a montage video filled with fellow streamers and friends wishing him a happy Birthday. The streamer was clearly delighted to see plenty of familiar faces, including Pokimane and Ludwig, but it was the Avengers-style post-credits scene in which Amouranth sent him a message from her infamous hot tub that rendered him speechless. Well, nearly speechless. 

Take a look at some of the best livestream wins and fails below!

“Hey Juicer Fam! Amouranth here! I hope you’re having an amazing birthday,” said Amouranth, before writing the streamer’s name on her arm. “Happy birthday Felix. Hope it’s a great year for you.”

“No sh*t! How much did you guys pay for this?” xQc said in a filmed reaction to the video. “Guys, is this a cameo? No f**king sh*t, dude.” 

It turns out his fans raised $200 just to get Amouranth to send the message, which is clearly a big win for her. xQc was always visibly touched by the gesture, so I suppose everyone wins. 

“You guys just being here all the time and watching all the streams, even when they’re dogsh*t, that’s a gift, okay?”he said, urging fans to stop making donations and just wish him a happy Birthday. “It’s a gift all year round. You don’t have to donate anything. Thanks for just being here. Much love.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitch via xQc

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