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Little Kitty, Big City is the most joyous game I’ve played this year

Little Kitty, Big City is the most joyous game I’ve played this year

Looking for a game that's short and blissful? This is it!

Little Kitty, Big City had been on my radar for a while ahead of its launch. It wasn’t hard for its premise to capture my attention. After all, you play as a cat and I’m both a cat lover and cat owner. This was definitely a Kate game. And yet, I find myself surprised at just how enthralling I found Little Kitty, Big City to be. It’s relatively short but the several hours I did spend with it were some of the most delightful of my entire year, vastly exceeding my expectations.

Developed by Double Dagger Studio, Little Kitty, Big City is part adventure game, part platformer. You play as a city dwelling cat who falls from their apartment block window perch down into the city below. Don’t worry, it’s not as gruesome as it sounds. Our feline friend is caught by a crow. Once the duo has safely landed, it’s up to the titular kitty to find their way back up to their owner’s apartment.

That’s not a job that’s as simple as it sounds. Your kitty won’t have enough energy to use the climbing technique after their ordeal. The game largely comprises you platforming and navigating around the city in search of four fish. Once you’ve eaten those fish, you’ll have enough stamina to make the ascent back up to your apartment. You can complete short climbs however after consuming just one, opening up previously inaccessible parts of the map.

Take a look at Little Kitty, Big City in action below.

That’s about it as far as the ‘main quest’ goes but there are plenty of other activities for you to be getting on with. This city just so happens to be full of animals in need of your help, from a duck father who’s lost his four ducklings, to a beetle in need of a new mobile phone. These quests don’t yield much in the way of rewards. That beetle one I mentioned unlocks a basic photo mode, while other grateful animals rewarded me with shiny pieces to be exchanged for cosmetics.

You’ll also unlock achievements for helping which you’re going to need to do if you want to 100% Little Kitty, Big City. I have to say that despite the lack of incentive or stakes, I still found myself eager to help out at all given opportunities. The reward, for me, wasn’t the in-game item I eventually received upon completion of the task, it was the opportunity to extend my time with Little Kitty, Big City.

For the three to four hours it took me to roll credits, I felt nothing but happiness and blissful relaxation. On some days, you may seek out a challenging game but on others, you just need something along the lines of Litty Kitty, Big City to melt your worries away. Its vibrant and wholesome world was a treat to spend time in. In fact, so much so, that I’ve since gone back for more. At the time of rolling credits, I’d reached about 50% completion when taking all activities into account. Typically, I’m not a completionist and yet here I am, back in the game gathering up those missed collectibles and helping out any animal companions I may have failed to the first time around.

Little Kitty, Big City /
Double Dagger Studio

I’ll also add that navigating the city isn’t entirely straightforward. As I said, the more fish you eat, the higher you’ll be able to climb. In some areas, you’ll find puddles of water blocking your path, forcing the titular kitty to find another way around. In other locations, dogs will bark and prohibit you from venturing past, prompting you to find a distraction.

While it may not progress the game in any way, Little Kitty, Big City also provides plenty of opportunity to simply treat this release as a cat simulator. You can knock over humans, destroy plant pots, steal human food, nap in the most inconvenient of places, venture into stores you probably shouldn't have, jump into cardboard boxes … you name it. There are no prompts urging you to do any of these things but you’ll be rewarded if you do put your cat-thinking hat on. Many achievements are tied to such actions.

If you’re after a lengthy or challenging experience, Little Kitty, Big City isn’t that but if you want a wholesome feline adventure that makes for the most cosiest of entertainment, this is it. Little Kitty, Big City is included on Xbox Game Pass so if you’re a subscriber, you have no excuse not to check this one out. It’s the perfect example of a simple concept executed exceptionally well. Little Kitty, Big City is a bite-sized experience that oozes charm and joy - and it’s most definitely one of my 2024 standouts.

Little Kitty, Big City is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (version tested) including Game Pass, and on Nintendo Switch. A review code was provided by the publisher.

Featured Image Credit: Double Dagger Studio

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