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Free Games: ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’, ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Ghost Recon’

Free Games: ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’, ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Ghost Recon’

There's a wealth of big-name games newly added to subscription services, and simply available for free right now



Words: Mahin Kesore

Even though I'm still recovering from all the great free games and demos of last week, thanks to the Tokyo Games Show and Steam's Next Fest, this week is still surprisingly good for that cash-free video game goodness. Here's our pick of the free - and 'free' - games available to play right now!

The Last of Us Part II /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation Now? More Like PlayStation Wow

Xbox Game Pass is a titan in the world of subscriptions, but PlayStation Now isn't too far behind these days. A total of seven new games have just been added to PlayStation's subscription service, including some really big names. Foremost amongst them is The Last of Us Part II, the winner of multiple game of the year awards in 2020, and the game of the year according to GAMINGbible readers, too. You can read our review of Naughty Dog's celebrated sequel - it's one that every PS Now subscriber should be experiencing.

Also new to PS Now is Bethesda's post-apocalyptic role-player Fallout 76 and the terrifying Amnesia: Collection. If you prefer your RPGs a little more old-school, the Final Fantasy game of the month, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, is also up for grabs. Other new additions to PS Now include Yet Another Zombie Defense, Desperados III, and Victor Vran: Overkill Edition. The full, current PS Now library can be checked here.

If you're strictly a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you've also got some treats available, as Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21 and Mortal Kombat X are available until November 1.

PC Building Simulator /
The Irregular Corporation

Don't Just Play On A PC, Build One, On Epic Games Store

With Europa Universalis IV having departed its position as the Epic Games Store's free game of choice, something very different is now available. Yes, piecing together the PC of your dreams in the real world can be an expensive process - but you can do it virtually with PC Building Simulator, which can be downloaded totally free, right now. It's available until October 14, at which point it'll be replaced by the remastered cult action-adventure braaaains 'em up, Stubbs the Zombie (which we reviewed earlier this year).

Star Wars: Squadrons /

Hide, Glide And Ride With Amazon's Prime Gaming

It looks like parcels aren't the only thing Amazon Prime can deliver, as its gaming side is really looking great right now. As of the first of October, Prime Gaming added a multitude of fantastic new titles. Until the end of the month, a bunch of great games are available to download - with our pick being the stealthy and creepy Alien: Isolation, based on the popular film series. If running, rather than hiding, is more your thing, futuristic parkour (plus hacking and slashing) game Ghostrunner can offer you just that.

Also catching our eye on this month's Prime Gaming list is the space combat of Star Wars: Squadrons, which we reviewed here. And there's much more, too: Blue Fire, Secret Files 3, Song of Horror: Complete Edition, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, Tiny Robots Recharged, Whiskey & Zombies, and Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures. More info, right here.


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Battlefield 2042 /

A Literal Blockbuster Comes To EA Play And Xbox Game Pass

It's a slow week for Xbox Game Pass but EA Play's Battlefield 2042 Open Beta more than makes up for it. As EA Play is part of Xbox Game Pass, subscribers of the service can take part in the beta - but it ends on October 9, so you'd best snap to it. This brand-new shooter with environment-destroying physics was first shown at E3 and looks to be the most hectic entry in the long-running series yet. The full game comes out on November 19, and you can read about our Beta impressions here.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon /

A Classic Ubisoft Game Can Be Yours For Free Right Now

Whose Ghost Recon is it? Why, Tom Clancy's of course. Even after death, the author's name still graces Ubisoft's tactical shooter series - and right now, the original Ghost Recon of 2001 alongside DLC for newer titles Wildlands and Breakpoint are free on the Ubisoft store for PC. This is a series which you can choose to play quietly using stealth to your advantage; or go in guns blazing. Whichever you decide, be sure to grab this game before it slips back into the shadows on October 11.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins /
Square Enix

Brand-New Final Fantasy Action On PS5 And Xbox Series X/S

Another game available until October 11 is the second trial of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, an origin story of sorts for the first ever Final Fantasy game. The trial was announced at the Tokyo Games show but is only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Multiplayer options are available in this trial, so grab a friend and join the chaos!


And that concludes our roundup of another surprisingly good week for free games. Can this streak continue? Will we ever have to buy a game again? Find out next week with another list of free games!

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Featured Image Credit: EA, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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