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Destiny 2: The Final Shape ending explained

Destiny 2: The Final Shape ending explained

You may have questions at the end of The Final Shape

The ten-year story of Destiny and Destiny 2 is coming to an end with the DLC expansion, The Final Shape. The story of light and dark is drawing to a close as The Witness enters The Traveler and the Guardians follow in after in order to save the universe.

Now that the expansion is out millions of players are working their way through several story missions, new lost sectors, and a new strike. It’s time to find out how the story ends and it’s likely you’ll have questions based on that ending.

This article contains massive spoilers for Destiny 2: The Final Shape and its ending. You’ve been warned.

The Final Shape is a story expansion that brings a very long story to a close with Guardians finally facing off against The Witness who is planning to enact his changes for the universe based on bitterness, anger, and shame.

The Final Shape
The Final Shape

So, after six story missions, we finally find ourselves face-to-face with The Witness in The Sacrarium, where The Witness is currently hiding out and where you’ll soon find a portal into the darkness where this being was created. Of course, before we can get to the big bad, we have to get past his Subjugators.

After fighting through several waves of Subjugators, switching back and forth between the relic shield and a new sword from The Traveler, we finally enter the darkness and discover that the dark that made The Witness can also ‘unmake’ them. This requires smashing statues in the darkness which weakens The Witness ready for a critical blow.

Eventually you land some damage and things go wild for a bit. The Witness is reeling from finally being damaged and begins to morph into a huge version of itself with multiple arms as we run for safety.

We soon hear that we have “chosen entropy” according to The Witness and only suffering exists for us now. The fireteam of Zavala, Ikora, Cayde, and Crow all flee and set themselves up around a war table as Mara Sov voices “The Witness may have won this battle, but it is wounded.”

The Final Shape
The Final Shape

After a few cutscenes the screen is displayed with a message telling us “The final battle with The Witness approaches.” And you may be wondering, well, when?

This is how it looks to be panning out. We will now spend a portion of time rallying old foes, but new allies, to the cause of defeating The Witness before the new raid drops.

The new raid will launch tomorrow, 7 June, and will likely set up the final fight with The Witness. Upon the ‘world’s first’ clear of the raid, a final campaign mission will become available for all players to finish the battle, win the war, and end The Witness for good, bringing Destiny 2’s story to a close.

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