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We got into character this Halloween with the new Meta Quest 3 immersive headset

We got into character this Halloween with the new Meta Quest 3 immersive headset

Alright, you know Halloween has always felt like just a bit of fun and games? From the good ol' days of trick-or-treating

Alright, you know Halloween has always felt like just a bit of fun and games? From the good ol' days of trick-or-treating, to epic scary movie marathons, and fancy dress nights out as you get older. But it's always been kinda chill, it’s never felt real. Well, strap in because that’s all about to change.

Get ready to dive deep into that rabbit hole because Meta Quest 3 is here! It's not just a headset, it's an invitation to defy the laws of physics by letting you blend the virtual and physical with breakthrough mixed reality.

If you've never stepped into the realm of mixed reality, you might be thinking, "How real can this actually get?" And if you're a pro in the Metaverse, you're probably asking, "What’s new here?” Well, we're here to spill the tea on what this new Meta Quest brings to the table. Plus, we’ll take you through our first-hand experience trying it with some of the spookiest titles for a reality-bending Halloween.

So, what's in the box? You get the headset and two Touch Plus controllers. The display is out-of-this-world, with 4k+ resolution and a powerful processor for super crisp graphics. And let's not forget the sound – it's got immersive 3D audio, mind-blowing clarity, bass that'll rumble your soul, and it's 40% louder than the Meta Quest 2.

The headset itself has been redesigned to be 40% slimmer with an ergonomic head strap for maximum comfort. They've also jazzed up the Touch Plus controllers to make your moves in the virtual world feel smoother than ever. TruTouch haptics have been cranked up, so it's almost like you can actually feel and interact with things in the experience.

All of this wizardry combines to create the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience, letting you become fully immersed or blended with your surroundings. This "mixed reality" magic happens thanks to two RGB cameras and a depth projector for full colour passthrough. It means you could have game characters chilling in your living room. How cool is that?

We headed down to Protein Studios in Shoreditch, where Meta brought their ‘Thrillboards’ to the streets for Halloween. There were two experiences to try: the newly launched Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord and the spine-chilling The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Passersby were able to see for themselves why Meta Quest 3 is a game-changing way to be part of the action.

The Thrillboards really do look like a portal into another dimension, with an eerie fog creeping out of the Walking Dead experience and a curtain of rain cascading down in front of the Ghostbusters billboard with Stay Puft Marshmallow Man looming towards you. Grab an umbrella and dive right in. Each space is totally decked out for the occasion, with legit Ghostbusters movie stuff, and 'real' Walkers banging on the walls as you stroll through.

First, I'm channeling my inner Ghostbuster, taking on the Stay Puft marshmallow man. In this crazy mixed reality game, he literally crashes through the ceiling as chunks of it are falling all around you. Mini pufts float around the room, and you’ve got to catch them with your proton wand and hurl them in the marshmallow dude's face.

What's mind-blowing is how seamlessly the game blends with reality. The lenses give the real world around you a game-like quality, blurring the lines of what’s real and what isn’t.

Now, stepping into the Walking Dead gig, I'm low-key freaking out about facing some Walkers. This game goes full virtual reality, throwing you into an apocalyptic New Orleans. You're out there on the streets, scavenging, doing missions, and trying not to get snacked on by Walkers who get right up your face. Seriously, at times it feels almost a bit too real.

The Quest 3 controllers fit so snugly in your hands and they’re super intuitive too. Once you get the hang of them, it's like second nature. You can easily grab stuff, scale walls, and, well, deal with those pesky Walkers (speaking from experience here). Plus, the headset is fully adjustable, with straps to tighten it right up, a nifty dial to fine-tune the lens spacing, and plenty of cushioning around your eyes, so it feels really comfy.

Whether it’s Ghostbusters, the Walking Dead or something totally different, Meta Quest 3 has literally hundreds of titles to choose from, whether you're into gaming, workouts, binge-watching your fave shows, and staying connected with social media apps. It's a total smorgasbord and, with a Meta Quest+ subscription, you'll snag two free titles every single month.

So, what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to dive in and experience Meta Quest 3 for yourself.

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Featured Image Credit: MetaQuest 3