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Nacon Headset RIG 600 Pro HS review - toughness and quality audio in one

Nacon Headset RIG 600 Pro HS review - toughness and quality audio in one

RIG Up the latest Nacon headset

The RIG 600 Pro HS headset from Nacon offers quality audio (for the most part) and a tough exterior that should withstand most rage quits.

Nacon is known for being a publisher of video games with the likes of RoboCop: Rogue City, Session: Skate Sim and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, but the less said about the latter, the better. However, more notably it’s known for providing quality video game accessories such as the Revolution 5 Pro Wireless Controller and the Daija Arcade Stick.

Check out the RIG 600 Pro HS trailer below!

The RIG 600 Pro is a reasonably priced quality headset that sells at around £80 depending on where you look and can be connected wirelessly to a PC, Steam Deck, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The RIG 600 Pro will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.1 to every system other than PlayStation without needing the dongle provided due to a console design choice by Sony. This is a minor inconvenience but a dongle is even needed with official Sony hardware including the Pulse Elite wireless headset, so third-party accessories are no exception.

As soon as I had taken the RIG 600 Pro HS out of the box, I noticed that, unlike most headsets in which the size of the headset is determined by sliding the ear cups up and down, with this headset, the cups fit into three designated slots, small, medium and large. For an oversized cranium such as mine, large was always the inevitable choice. Once I fitted the cups into the large slot, I realised that this is a smart design choice because you’ll never have to adjust the size. After all, it will always remain unless you decide to unclip the cups and fit them into the other two slots.

One of the complaints of the previous 500 Pro HC model was its lack of bass when playing certain games. I’m unable to comment directly on the 500 Pro HC because it’s a headset that I’ve never used. However, I can of course comment on this model and it certainly doesn't lack that added oomph with its 40mm speakers, as long as you have the correct settings. By downloading the free RIG mobile app, you can customise a host of various settings on the fly, save them to a profile and send them to your headset. This app is also where you’ll find the latest update which can be downloaded to your headset wirelessly without the need of a wired connection, which is helpful.

RIG 600 Pro HS/

For the most part, the audio for the RIG 600 Pro HS was fantastic, offering a high-quality level of clarity. What’s more, it also sounds fantastic when watching a movie which adds an extra layer of immersion. It’s worth mentioning a note provided by Nacon that the US version of this headset includes Dolby Atmos whereas the European version is only compatible with Dolby Atmos and is not included, sadly.

I did experience some sound distortion when playing EA Sports FC 24. To compare, I used my other headset and I never encountered this particular issue. I also updated the headset with the latest firmware via the app but I still encountered sound distortion. This issue was only encountered with EA Sports FC 24, in my experience but that’s not to say it won’t happen with other games. Hopefully, if this is a widespread issue, Nacon can fix it accordingly with a new update.

RIG 600 Pro HS/

With many headsets that I’ve used over the years, I’ve often encountered an issue where my ears feel warm after 10 or 20 minutes, an issue not present with the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro. If memory serves me correctly, I’ve had this issue with both the official PlayStation and Xbox Wireless headsets, devices I no longer own. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the RIG 600 Pro HS aided by the super comfy and soft breathable fabric over the ear cups, designed for extended sessions, which is aided by the light 240g frame. Nacon claims that the headset is “virtually indestructible.” I’ve not been daring enough to test that claim to the fullest by smashing it with a brick but I did throw it against the wall and it survived.

Nacon also claims that the battery can last up to 18 hours on a full charge connected to the USB-C adapter (used on PS5) or 24 hours via Bluetooth 5.1. I may have gotten over 20 hours connected to the adapter. That’s not to say that the headset won't last 24 hours but I think it may depend on settings such as volume and whether or not it’s connected to one or two devices at a time. Speaking of which, one claim that I was able to test to the fullest is dual-mode which allows connection to two devices simultaneously. In this instance, it was my mobile phone and PS5.

RIG 600 Pro HS/

You can easily switch between the connected devices using the designated button at the top of the left ear cup. This makes it handy when gaming and if you receive a phone call allowing you to always stay connected and be heard clearly by the caller and gamers when switched. The mic can be tucked in and out of the left earcup, and will automatically mute and unmute when folded. It also has noise-cancelling technology so nobody on the other end has to hear external distractions.

Sadly, this model does it have a 3.5mm audio jack, so there’s no option for a wired connection. But that seems a common trend with many modern-day headsets, so it might be worth keeping that in mind.

All in all, despite the rare audio glitch that only happened with one game out of many, the RIG 600 Pro HS is decent value for money, especially if you can find it below the RRP. It has crystal clear audio both in and out, and the dual connection is a handy feature and it’s super comfy for extended gaming sessions. The RIG 600 Pro HS will leave you with little reason to be disappointed if you decide to make the purchase.

A review sample was provided by Nacon.

Featured Image Credit: Nacon

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